Dizzy's Normal Day
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Author: Alex Smith (as3k)
Programmers: Alex Smith


Getting out of bed one warm summer morning, Dizzy yawned.
As he stretched off the previous night's sleep, he thought to himself:
"Ah, another day. I want to today to be a nice, normal day. No adventures, no evil wizards, and no kidnappings!"
Little did he know how wrong he was.
For a normal day for Dizzy is filled with adventure, evil wizards and kidnappings.
Little did Dizzy know that the Yolkfolk village's Great Hall had been broken into the previous night.
Dizzy walked to the top of stairs and they promptly collapsed beneath him.
"Ouch" muttered Dizzy as he picked himself up.
You must guide Dizzy round the Yolkfolk village to let rest of the plot unfold itself.
Will Dizzy be able to find out who broke into the hall?
Does he want to caught up in yet another adventure?
It's up to you to find out!  


This is Alex's third and possibly last Dizzy fan game in his series.
- Pay attention to everything the other characters say. The clues to winning are in there.
- There is only one red herring in the game. See if you can spot it.
- You can stand on clouds, but be careful! You will sink quite quickly, so it is advisable to keep jumping.
- Some things will kill Dizzy instantly, others will only harm him.
- Water will not kill Dizzy instantly, but if you don't have breathing apparatus you will find your energy being drained.
- Don't go cloud hopping above the docks without breathing apparatus. It could prove fatal if you fall.

Dizzy's Normal Day
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AddedJan 15, 2007
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