Dizzy and the Curse of Spirit Island
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Author: Eleanor Burns
Programmers: Anthony Burns
Graphics: Anthony Burns


Marooned on a remote Island, once upon a time, the brave adventurer Dizzy discovered great treasures, and was forced to part with them in exchange for a sorry little motor-dinghy in which to make his escape.
Now, almost out of fuel and miles from home, he steers his failing craft into an inlet of "La Isla de Almas Perdidas": an island where pirates and rum-smugglers were once rife, but which is now a grim and haunted place. 
What chance is there of finding any fuel here? But you seem to have no choice... 

Dizzy and the Curse of Spirit Island
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersion
File Size1.69MbDownloads18176
AddedJun 21, 2007
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