Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (DizzyAGE Remake)
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Publisher Games
Author: Adam Markey (Adz.M)
Programmers: Pogie, Simon Rice
Graphics: Jarrod Bentley


The sun does not always shine in the Yolkfolk village. 
In fact, this particular day is looking remarkably grim. 
Stormy clouds thunder across the sky, the rain hammers down, the electricity flickers, and to top it all, Grand Dizzy is in an awful mood. 
The source of Grand Dizzy's bad mood is his egg-ache. 
The old duffer had been practising his somersaults in the kitchen and slipped on the wet floor. 
"What do you think you're doing bouncing around like that at your age?!" groaned Dizzy under the strain of picking up the old egg. 
"You'll give yourself a nasty crack on the head." 
"It's the temple in the Crystal Kingdom," spluttered Grand Dizzy. 
"it's been robbed. Every egg knows that if the crystal sword, chalice and crown are removed from the temple, terrible strange things will happen to the Yolkfolk!" 
Dizzy looked outside. 
Things did look decidedly bad. 
"It still doesn't explain why you were jumping off the kitchen chair, Grand Dizzy" said Dizzy.
"Well, young fella-m'-egg!" said Grand Dizzy puffing himself up slightly. 
"I'm sick and tired of you always sorting things out. I'm going to get into shape, pack my knapsack and save the Yolkfolk myself. I was really heroic in my day, y'know." 
A salty tear formed in Dizzy's eye. 
"I don't know, Grand Dizzy, what are we going to do with you?" gushed Dizzy in his best sympathetic, yet caring, voice. 
Grand Dizzy was packed off to bed. 
But the moment everyone's back was turned, he jumped up and continued to whinge loudly at anything he could find that would listen. 
Dizzy decided that he must begin his trek to retrieve the Yolkfolk's treasure. 
He packed his knapsack and popped on his new safari hat. 
Dizzy grimaced with gritted teeth and dramatically declared - "Don't fear, Grand Dizzy! The lost treasures of the Yolkfolk will soon be found!". 
And so, Dizzy began a whole new adventure - can our hero succeed again?


This is a DizzyAGE remake of Crystal Kingdom that's been made into a traditional Dizzy style game and is no longer split into four levels. 
The game also comes with special menu options like in previous DizzyAGE remakes. 
The Cherries in the game now serve a purpose, collect all 60 and see what happens when you complete the game.
Special thanks to Adam Markey, Pogie and Simon Rice for their hard work on this remake. 

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (DizzyAGE Remake)
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AddedAug 14, 2015
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