Fishy Business (HELP THREAD)

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Re: Fishy Business (HELP THREAD)

Post by The Armorog » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:25 pm

Grandad: "All the coloured buttons in that area are linked to the coloured buttons in the huts and won't work until the same coloured lever is pulled down to activate them ...and of course pushing the lever back up turns them off again"

I don't really understand - there are four huts with four different sequences of coloured circles. Pressing the grey buttons underneath plays short music clips. I'm not sure in what order I should be doing anything in this area.
I've got into three of the four huts in which I can pull a lever to reveal three numbers, and there are more coloured buttons connected to song clips. So what's the connection between the three areas?

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Re: Fishy Business (HELP THREAD)

Post by Grandad » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:32 am

In the entrance to the huts the four coloured 'balls' above the door show the order of the songs to be pressed - so a sequence of red, blue, green, yellow would indicate that the four buttons below would either play 'Little Red Rooster', 'Love Is Blue', 'Green Onions' or 'Big Yellow Taxi; your task is to press the buttons in the correct order to open the hut. I've set out the sequences below, but you'll still need to pull all the levers in the spinning maze.
ANSWER: hut1 - 3142, hut2 - 1324, hut3 - 3241, hut4 - 4312.

The buttons inside the huts are just obscure clues to the order in which the pictures of 'instruments' in the pyramid/temple area are pressed. So drums, piano, saxophone would indicate that the piano button is pressed before the saxophone button but after the drums button. However, still being a total poo, you have to press each 'instrument button' in the hut once or the relevant picture in the pyramid/temple won't be revealed. The correct order has been listed in earlier in the help thread.

The lever and buttons above the door are clues to solve the code puzzles in Anglers' Paradise.

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