Theme Hospital (PlayStation)

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Theme Hospital (PlayStation)

Post by Stephen Parry » Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:12 pm

The Dizzy series is in a league of it's own when it comes to being an addictive series of games, but if we're talking about addictive games, then for me it would have to be Theme Hospital for the PlayStation. Anyone ever play that game?

For those that may not have heard of it, the game involves you designing and running a hospital. You have little-to-no control over the patients that come in, but you're required to hire staff, buy rooms, furnish them, etc, the aim being to run a successful hospital. It's a very unpredictable game and one that doesn't allow you much time to breathe. They say time is money and the hospital is no exception. The worst patient as far as the game goes is yourself. Well, I was, because I was suffering from an addiction to the game when I played it. :D

A hospital cannot run itself and the sheer pace of the game means you're using the grey matter constantly. You're having to utilize your resources to the best of your ability, but your resources are limited. There are choices to be made and things did get harder as the game proceeded. Like I said, addictive!

If anyone remembers this game, I look forward to your views on it.

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