the C= returns

Its not all Dizzy out there.
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the C= returns

Post by zaks » Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:12 am

its not as strange as it seems, Commodore was making branded Commodore PC's
right up till the mid 90's but most people will remember Commodore for the 64 series and the Amiga back when gaming was still in its youth. I Believe myself that Microsoft is silently phasing gaming out of the Windows OS so they can shift focus to the XBox and maintain greater stability with their OS for application purposes and of-course more dolors M$. (proof) look at Vista!!

I hope the Commodore people take full advantage of this having a gaming specific PC might just fill the ever increasing hole in the PC market.


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Post by Zurc » Wed Mar 07, 2007 12:44 pm

Well its good to hear that Commodore is back, but is it just a regular PC? If so its not really going to be anything special. If they try to be unique the sad thing is they will fail. If Macs can't compete with PCs I don't see Commodore doing nay better.

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