Slightly magic

Its not all Dizzy out there.

Yup, it's a Dizzy-like. You have lots of items to find uses for but can only carry a few at a time, with a small twist in the "mixing together spells" concept that sometimes has you transforming your character Slightly. The 8-bit versions made Slightly move very stiffly, only able to just barely jump up one stair when he's standing right in front of it. But while this remake uses the 8-bit graphics, it moves more like the 16-bit versions and has the Amiga soundtrack! I'm pretty sure that's the same soundfont as Fantasy World Dizzy. I wonder, what is the new item carrying capacity? I know it changed with which version you played, being a mere two slots on ZX Spectrum. I also wonder if it keeps all the cheap deaths or removes the banana peels like the 16-bit ports did.

You'll all be pleased to hear i managed to get a copy for my Amstrad, heh. As part of Codemaster's Cartoon collection. Ive also got it on the Amiga now.

The Amstrad version is a little bit of a sloppy port really, The main character walks noticably slower in one direction and there is only a 64k version without any speech.
It does have different music than the Spectrum 128k version though for some reason.

Still waiting for Slightly Spooky? How about Guild of C.O.O.L.?

Spectrum and Amiga versions were great. C64 version was terrible - it seemed like a very bad port from the Spectrum and had slow screen updates and a very unresponsive "objects held" menu.

Naturally. The Speccy was far superior to the Commode 64!! :say_yes:

(Ducks for cover) :v2_dizzy_lol: :v2_dizzy_lol: :v2_dizzy_lol:


A lot of software companies seemed to have a policy of just porting Spectrum games to the C64. Better music in the C64 Dizzy games but shame they couldn't have made more of an effort with the graphics. The C64 versions of things like Spike in Transylvania, Seymour Stuntman and the CJ games show what can be achieved when they make the effort.

It was apparently a lot worse for Amstrad owners because both it and the Speccy used the Z80 CPU and so ports were easier and so a lot of games were just straight ports and not making best use of the Amstrad's capabilities. Didn't bother me as I only had a Speccy and due to its popularity most games started out on it before they were converted. It still makes me laugh seeing how much programmers used to be able to cram into the few Kb available to them on all machines back then, and now even simple apps are many Mb in size.
I remember this being quite an easy game despite being easily killed by slipping on Banana Skins.
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