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Doom Island Dizzy v1.03 [DOWNLOADABLE]

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:53 pm
by Grandad
Here we go with yet another Grandad mind bender - Doom Island Dizzy. This game is huge (about 350 rooms) and starts easy and gets harder as you progress. Daisy has been kidnapped by three Russians who are demanding lots of ransom money and totally clean and innocent gameplay. No problem, I can do prim and proper.

Save the game often as there are lots of ways to die (usually suddenly) and it's easy to lose essential items that are necessary for future progress if you're not careful. Oh, I hope you like collecting coins - you have to collect a whopping 255 coins, but not to worry, I've included one spare coin, just in case you miss one :dizzy_rolleyes:

Hopefully, all players (both male and female) will end up with hairstyles like the Oliver twins :v2_dizzy_clapping:

Re: Doom Island Dizzy v1.03 [DOWNLOADABLE]

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:40 pm
by Adz.M
A fan game 3 days in a row now....go us! :v2_dizzy_clapping:

Anyway, it should now be up on Yolkfolk. :)


:egg: DizzyAGE

Re: Doom Island Dizzy v1.0 [DOWNLOADABLE]

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:57 am
by Rindex
Grandad, itself play such s**t with 270 doors. Image Your games kill that spirit of classical Dizzy games. Especially, you already have also become personal that doesn't do you credit. Image

Re: Doom Island Dizzy v1.02 [DOWNLOADABLE]

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:34 am
by Adz.M
v1.02 should now be up. :)

Re: Doom Island Dizzy v1.02 [DOWNLOADABLE]

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:53 pm
by Nowhere Girl
Stop fighting, people. When you don't like something, just don't play it. Myself, I don't fancy most of Grandad's games too much either - so I just don't play them instead of telling him what kinds of games he may or may not create.

Re: Doom Island Dizzy v1.03 [DOWNLOADABLE]

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:23 pm
by Adz.M
v1.03 should now be up. :)