My Review - Dizzy for the iPod Generation

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My Review - Dizzy for the iPod Generation

Post by Trikeboy » Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:30 am

Well, it's been 15 years since our favorite egg had an official game and it's time to see if he has aged well or if he has become a rotten egg. As a note, this review is based on the release version for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The game is of course an updated and HD release of probably the easiest of the Dizzy games, Prince of the Yolkfolk. It is a game I admit I have loved for many years despite it not being as big a challenge as the rest of the series. Anyways, onto this version of the game.

The quest is virtually identical to the original version, you can use a walkthrough from the original version to complete this game. You start with the simple task of getting out of the cave which is basically a tutorial for those new to the series. Once you get going you will notice two things on the screen, stars and cherries. Stars are used as the help system and the cherries are the collectables. You do not need to pick up the stars to complete the game. Fans of the series will notice something that is not on the screen, number of lives. The game will also save your progress as you play the game, essential for a game that is on a portable device since you may need to stop playing quickly and not have time to go through menus to save.

There are 20 cherries to find in this game to actually finish it. Unfortunately this is the first flaw of this game. Whereas the original hid some of the cherries behind bushes, railings etc, this game has all the cherries out on the main screen eliminating any sense of challenge or exploring from the game. As I said before, the stars are related to the help system in the game. Picking one up starts a 60 second count down that ends with a dialog box telling you what to do next. It isn't even a veiled hint, it tells you where to take an item and use it. As for the lives, I noticed the fact there were no lives when I accidentally walked into the water while waiting for the boat. I simply respawned at the last point I was on land with no penalty for my death. I then proceded to walk into the water at least 20 times, not once did I see a game over screen or a substantial reduction or increase in time till the next hint. You simply cannot die in this game. Goodbye completely to the challenges of old.

Dizzy moves the same as he always has, but now he can run. If you hold down the direction he is walking continuosly he picks up speed and covers more distance. Great for times when you are traveling between castles and is one of the things I like about this game. Another addition is that Dizzy can grab onto ledges if he slightly misses a jump. You can, if you are quick enough, move away and then jump up onto the ledge. However, there are times that he will take hold of a ledge above a gap and you end up falling back to the bottom of the forest area. This does get a bit annoying especially when your jump should be perfectly fine. It is an unneccesary addition to the game.

The game map has been recreated for this game. It is familiar but different. The background scrolls constantly and there are no times you go off the map. This does give it a lovely open world feel. The graphics in the game also are stunning and they really pop out of the screen. Dizzy himself looks a little out of place though but since he is a walking egg, it could simply be that fact. The music you find in the game is enjoyable and if you don't like it you do have the option of turning it off in the menu. Oddly there are no sound effects though, the trademark jump sound is nowhere to be found. There are a few added dialogs to the game that can be quite funny, especially our favorite fluffle becoming quite a bit agressive.

The biggest problem I have noticed with this game is that it is unfinished and will most likely suffer from constant updates from Codemasters. There are many glitches in the game and one that allows the player to miss out on a quest event completely. You are able to walk through the raised drawbridge at the back of the kings castle. In the dopleganger part of the other castle, Dizzy can jump through the ceiling which is shown as full of bricks. There is also a cursor as if for text above the head of princess as she cries. These kind of things can really detach from the game.

I really want to love this game as I grew up with Dizzy on my trusty Commodore 64. Codemasters has taken one of my favorites, despite the fact it was easy and made it so easy there is no challenge in the game anymore. It has been created for the current generation who have a limited attention span and need to play games with a walkthrough open because they are simply unable to work out things for themselves. The glitches in this game are simply unforgivable. Anyone would have caught them during game testing. Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk HD is not the game we campained to get and I am really sad about it. I am glad to see my favourite egg back and to play him on a portable device, I just wish it played like it used to. Will it draw in new players? Probably. Will it impress fans of the series? Probably not. Am I sorry I bought it? No, I want people to buy it because it will show interest in the series and hopefully lead to future new games.

. Visually stunning
. Save games
. Plays like the original version
. Humours parts in the dialogs
. Running mode for Dizzy

. No challenge
. Too easy
. No lives system means you can simply play till the finish
. Added ledge grabbing can get in the way
. Glitches
. No hidden cherries

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5 for nostalgia and a 3 out of 5 for execution.

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