Which version did you buy?

Stuck or want to discuss the new version of prince of the yolkfolk, on iOS and Android Platforms

Which version(s) of the game have you purchased.

iPhone/iPod Touch
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Post by enchantedgypsy25 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:56 am

After not being able to play it upon release due to an out of date iPod touch I finally downloaded the iPad version this week as my iPod passed on and I decided on an iPad over an iPod this time round.

The game is ok but that's all really, it looks fine and the music is good too but Dizzys walking animation doesn't always seem in sync with his walking speed, the general collision detection could be better too. Going though the window/wall on the right castles tower seems like a mistake left in rather then a separate entrance/exit.

I suppose this is only a budget release though to test the market so I hope if any more versions follow they are a bit more polished.

Personally I'd love to see Magicland next but any game would be good, Prince Of The Yolkfolk is a tad too short to get much replay value from but it'll stay on my iPad as its Dizzy and he's cool :cool:
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