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Game cheats update

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:54 pm
by Adz.M
Hi everyone. :)

I'm just letting you all know that we're now accepting game cheats again. :)

The reason we haven't for the last couple of years was down to technical issues which have recently been resolved.

I have spent most of this morning adding Maps, Walkthroughs, Item locations etc. to various games on our database (mostly official games and DizzyAGE games).

If there are any cheats from any games that I've missed out, please let me know and I will look into it. :)
_ _

PS - If you are going to post any game cheats/walkthroughs here, please make sure to highlight it with either white text or [spoiler] tags. Many thanks.

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:45 pm
by delta
I used to take screenshots of the map editor and stitch them together, until I realised there's an 'export image' option! I think it outputs as png, which is the best format for something like a map, as jpgs lose quality.

When exporting the image, be aware that it will export it exactly as seen - with gridlines, 'hidden' tiles etc. Best to set all gridlines off, and set the view as 'game'. :)

Size-wise, just crop it to fit all the rooms in, that's what I do! Most it'll be is a few meg.

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:01 am
by Grandad
"Most it'll be is a few meg". I suppose that's a piece of cake to people who have access to hosting sites or their own website, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who relies on e-mail to send games etc to this site and usually has to try about 10 times before it gets sent. I initially thought it was just AOL, but then discovered that most broadband suppliers get their knickers in a twist with attachments over 1 meg and just stop responding in the middle of the 'file transfer'.

Larger files are even worse, with Back to Magicland, I used an ogg file of the original Magicland Dizzy music which bumped the zipped file up to 5 meg. It took me something like 30 attempts over a few days to actually get the file sent to AdzM and Alex.

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:19 pm
by delta
wow that's not good. I've sent emails over 9 meg before with no problem - MFD was about 9 meg. It's only the Legends games which are significantly more than that.

My website only allows me to upload a maximum of 8mb anyway.

Only 2 of my maps are over 1mb - IID and CoTM.

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:35 pm
by Lex_Hedley
Could you not put it on dropbox and send them a link?

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:33 pm
by delta
Lex_Hedley wrote:Could you not put it on dropbox and send them a link?
he'd still have to upload it, could well take as long.

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:43 pm
by Lex_Hedley
Sorry misread it, thought there was problems sending large files via email

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:56 pm
by pteal79
upload them to a service like fileserve or rapidshare

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:47 pm
by Adz.M
Maps of Miraculous Multiplier and Ghastly Getaway have been added.

Thanks Pogie. :)

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:41 am
by Grandad
Thanks chaps, I shall check out Dropbox, Fileserve & Rapidshare. I think the main problem is having a large file attached to an e-mail. I would assume that uploading (and downloading) uses different protocols and is probably a lot faster. When I was testing Colin's 'A Pirate's Life' he put it on a hosting site so that downloading amended versions of the game was quick and simple. Of course I'm still using XP and have no intention of migrating to Windows 7 as I have so many games I like playing on XP and I understand that you have to 'purchase' an add on to use XP format and that this add on is geared more towards business packages, not games.