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- Introduction/Who's who here

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 5:20 pm
by Adz.M

Suppose most of you you're wondering what all these threads in this section of the forum is about? :)

Well, The Team Yolkfolk evenings all started back in Autumn 2004 where a few of the forum regulars (plus the Admin ;) ) were letting their imaginations run wild in a Comedy/Sitcom sort of style.

The evenings are displayed like it was recorded from a chatroom when it was really extracted from message histories on MSN Messenger where all the action took place. We do hope to do more in the future, god knows when exactly. But It's most likely to be on MSN as the Forum flashchat is broken and abandoned completly.

When we start our evening, it would probably be sometime in any weekend or weeknight, theres usually a 50/50 chance we'll actually do one these days because of various things we go through outside of this Community, either work, a social life or just feeling incredibly lazy.

Who are the people who take/took part in the TY Evenings?
[DIZZY] - AKA Andy, also known as the leader of who owns a vast collection of ACME stuff including an anvil and a chicken nuggets maker he keeps in his room of the Big Yolkfolk house, he is also a fantastic keyboard player, a huge Shakira fan and makes a lot of surprise entrances when others least expect him to turn up instantly.

[PTEAL] AKA [PETER] - History indicates that pteal is the chap responsible for's birth, being a PC genius, shop owner and fan of sci-fi stuff, pteal still spends sometimes popping downstairs of the Big Yolkfolk house to see if anybody is staying out of trouble.

[ADZ] AKA [ADZ.M] - Always sees himself as a countryside adventurer, what sort of person he really is usually remains a mystery to his mates, Adz is always known as a random but friendly sort of person and resolving a few things with which some involve cartoon voilence such as use of the frying pan and quick at noticing what comes his way.

[MAYBOY] - AKA Nath, he has a huge addiction to cheese, fan of the band "Queen" and keeps a huge retro games collection let alone being an Emulator guru, Mayboy is always up for a challenge of making his friends laugh, sometimes the things he says usually worries some people but always the friendly sort of person who mainly enjoys a good laugh with his mates.

[MARGATEMAN] - AKA Sam, a huge football fan and Drama Queen (according to Adz), MargateMan is a sort of partying person when it comes to hanging around the Big Yolkfolk house, but does enjoy a good laugh with his mates, let alone ending up as Mayboy's comedy partner a few times.

[MAT_DIZZY] AKA [MATT] - A fellow young genius, fan of comedy and always alert to whatever happens around him, Mat_Dizzy is sometimes entertained by the number of random things Adz, Mayboy & MargateMan ramble about and very sneaky on pretending to be someone else i.e. an MSN bot (Evening 20)

[GREEN_DAY_GAL] - AKA Amanda, always enjoys listening to the band "Green Day" and has the talent of playing a guitar, at one point she showed the gang she can play the Thuderbirds theme and enjoys talking to people who show appreciation.

[NITRO] - Atari ST & Master System fan, Nitro is a fast learner and clever of seeking hidden places in the Big Yolkfolk house (Evening 14), It's not everyday others see him hanging around using his laptop and watching Adz burning tonight's supper.

[DYLANSBIRD] - AKA Amy, DylansBird used to hang around here a lot, she always enjoyed hanging about with Dizzy, Adz & Mayboy and laughing her socks off whenever a plan had backfired.

[GRAVE] - Grave only appeared on Evening 1, he was one of Adz's oddball buddies who rarely visits and snoops around to see whats going on, Grave mysteriously dissapeared after the summer of 2006.

[DEMILBURN] - AKA Dave, he was only on Evening 1 aswell but he wasn't actually in the evening in person, he was pretty much there in sprit, and he was actually still around back then too.
DeMilburn is a Liverpool football fan who has drawn comics and once created signitures for other people.

[NICK] - Once a friend of Nitro, Nick's sprit was also in Evening 1 but wasn't around for long after Dizzy dropped a giant anvil on him.

[FALLEN] - Fallen was also on Evening 1 to witness the strange going on's in the Big Yolkfolk house, a big fan of rock music and fully aware of what dangers lurk around him.

[INGOLEMO] - AKA Adrian, Ingolemo appeared only on Evening 9 watching Dizzy dancing around when he was on fire.

[ASH] - AKA Anatoly, ASh only appeared on Evening 17 and was invited as a guest, ASh has done home videos of himself dancing to a specific track that is playing in his videos.

[ADAM] - Adam only appeared on Evening 18, Adam is a friend of green_day_gal who enjoys wearing a dress, especially at weddings.

[SARAH] - Also a friend of green_day_gal who guest appeared on Evening 24, celebrating new years.

[ROB] - Another friend of green_day_gal and Mayboy who guest appeared on Evening 24.

[MAD MOE] - Doesn't exist and is a huge victim to what we plan for him sometimes.

What is the Big Yolkfolk house?
Our online home of course :p you can see it as an 8-bit version or the 16-bit version, links below. It's possibly out of date now as most of the mentioned people stopped visiting this site. 8-bit - 16-bit

Any questions, post them here :)

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:46 pm
by Nitro
Hey Adam, what's going on with this nowadays?

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:24 pm
by Adz.M
Well, we haven't really done any this year :( I was hoping some sparks would rise now the most of Yolkfolk is online and updated every short while.

Theres been a lack of interest when it comes to entertainment recently and theres still stuff on Yolkfolk that needs finishing off.

I don't know how long it'll be until we get back the attitude the forums once had.

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:45 pm
by Mataeus
Will these every continue do you think? I know that's basically the same question as the one above, but... It's been a bit of time since that was asked ;)

I read the last evening and have looked at the Big Yolkfolk House with everyone's rooms and that... It must be great to get loads of really good online friends like that and just stay comfortable with each other for ages and stuff...

I can understand why you posted about getting 'back the attitude the forums once had', when you've got such a close knit gang of folks. I remember reading a post from someone when I first joined, saying they wish it was like it was in the old days, where it was just the few of you lot together. I can sort of see his point, despite the fact this is a public forum and it's good to have other Dizzy fans on board!

But anyway, gotta go :dizzy_cool:

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:55 am
by Adz.M
To me, this Forum is like playing Gauntlet, finding the keys to fully restore and having Potions help me along the way :laugh:

We often have a New Years eve party on MSN, not sure how well it'll go down this year though.

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 9:11 pm
by Nitro
Yeah I haven't really been active on here, but it looks like we have a lot of new members who post regularly, I don't really know half the crowd around here anymore.. big change from the dizzyzone forums :O

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:57 pm
by Adz.M
I completly forgot about the 2007 new years thing we did when we were letting this year in. So apologies to the ones who took part then. :embarassed: ... ostcount=1

Y'know what they say.......better late than never ;) this is marked as our 24th TY Evening. :)