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New years eve 2006 (EVENING #22)

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:42 pm
by Adz.M
Evening 22 :- New years eve 2006

[ADZ] hiyas folks :v2_dizzy_thumbsup:
[ADZ] whod of thought 2007 would be a few hours away :v2_dizzy_blink:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :p the joy :rolleyes: sorry am very anti-new yr atm :v2_dizzy_dry:
[ADZ] lol no probs
[MAYBOY] apparently we were going out but we are not now, dads g/f is crying in the room next to me, dont know what happened :confused:
[ADZ] :( blimey, well it's a bit crowded here right now
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ive got ma bro... n thts it
[MAYBOY] i might have to go downstairs at times peeps
[ADZ] okies :neutral: so it's a 50/50 chance you'll be there for the countdown?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :umm: where be andy?
[ADZ] he'll turn up when he can ;)
[ADZ] my mums just put some russian punk on :rolleyes:
[ADZ picks up a BOTTLE of COKE]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol im drinking diet coke ;) in a bottle! :D n tis gross! :laugh:
[ADZ] lol, pepsi?
[MAYBOY] cherry is my fav now ;) and that one with a dash of lime :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] nope tis coke n ewww nath lime!
[ADZ] i think ive tried that :say_yes:
[MAYBOY] kk i will just be quiet now :p
[ADZ] i think i'll stick to pepsi lol checks watch 1 hour 25 mins to go :O
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :v2_dizzy_dry: joy :O arg i have ma gcses in like 5 months or summin :shocked:
[MAYBOY] say they are next year, it feels longer :p lol
[ADZ] beyond the gcse, you'll be out of school
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i dnt wanna be!! :v2_dizzy_cry: :cry:
[ADZ] aww :(
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] skools kinda gr8, have had bad days n stuff but am really gonna miss it :(
[MAYBOY] it is emotional
[ADZ] indeed
[MAYBOY] but it picks up again if u go to college then u have to leave there so u experience it all over again :v2_dizzy_blink: but keeping in touch with school ppl is easier these days with e-mail and stuff
[ADZ] i wasnt feeling emotional after college, i didn't socialise with other ppl very well lol
[MAYBOY] :laugh: didnt have that when i left lol well it was coming in
[ADZ] still, i've got u lot to make sure i don't p*ss about ;) :)
[MAYBOY] yes we will keep an eye on u :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] points to her avatar the turnip is watching u!! :p
[ADZ runs around in a big circle]
[MAYBOY] why run in a circle? ur bound to get caught :p
[ADZ] yeah but its funnier :v2_dizzy_tongue: :v2_dizzy_fingers:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL jumps up n down]
[MAYBOY] :p never do that if u are full of coke lol
[ADZ] :laugh: you can hear the coke inside u lol
[ADZ] O_o nice one
[MAYBOY] and hear it when it comes out of u :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol, ma bro n ray were having a burping competition today when we were out shopping :p twas gross :laugh:
[ADZ] who won?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ma bro i think :p burping i can deal wiv jus in public tis bit minging....n ive been shopping 3 times this week :O
[ADZ] xmas has been and gone :p finished all my chocs :(
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] loool i havent touched any of mine, cept for a box me n ma bro got to share :rolleyes:
[MAYBOY] im one of these ppl who cant do it in puplic ;) i have a box here :p i might touch mine.....chocolates that is ;) lol
[ADZ] if it's malteasers i'll have them :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] loool i want chocolate now :( am not touching ma selection boxes tho
[MAYBOY] i have gordon ramsey's lol chocolate bomb, sounds gd :p
[ADZ] has that stuff got moondust in it lol, they should do those wonka chocolates again :(
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] they were awwwesome
[ADZ] the exploding chocolate and the purple chocolate bar with green nerds in it lol
[MAYBOY] nerds! :p green and pink ;) damn sour aswell
[ADZ] and theres fizzy jerkz
[MAYBOY] please not now :p yes i remember those ;)
[ADZ] high on fizzy lol
[MAYBOY] put a fizzy sweet in a bottle of coke and u get a different kind of bomb
[ADZ] does that actually work lol
[MAYBOY] yeah, try refreshers or something ;) anyway i wouldnt recommend it its a terrible waste of coke :p
[DIZZY suddenly walks in]
[DIZZY] Indeed so then i said to them.. lay off the malteasers.. they are for the rabbits
[MAYBOY] i forgot about u mate :v2_dizzy_blush: evening :p
[DIZZY] :say_yes: evening
[ADZ] :) hey hey
[DIZZY] alllllllllllllllllllright
[MAYBOY] i think so lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im ok :)
[ADZ] ya im good, just trying not to nod off lol
[DIZZY] im kinda down... nothing to do lol
[MAYBOY] :laugh: new years eve is like that
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] yesh it is
[DIZZY] yeah
[MAYBOY] cos we believe the transition between 2006 and 2007 will feel different, when u work out it doesnt, its back to normallity again :p
[DIZZY] well its already 2007 in sydney
[MAYBOY] yeah true
[DIZZY] and to anyone in france its 2007 now :p
[ADZ] ah yeah, sydney, been there done that :laugh:
[MAYBOY] anyone have an austrailian msn contact, we can find out what we are missing lol :p
[ADZ] i do sorta have family who live near sydney but they dont use msn, i dont plan to travel on a plane again lol
[DIZZY] :) ... tml?sort=2
[ADZ] ideal, and thanks for the e-card amanda ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ;) lol
[DIZZY] 86 countries in 2007 :O 55 left to go :p
[ADZ] ;) including moscow
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] the bahamas are 5 hours behind us hahaha
[DIZZY] honolulu
[MAYBOY] i wanna send an e-card now :p considering the texts go mad at midnight :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] arg ma phone... i was gonna txt adam, brb
[ADZ] eh? oh right lol, i was gonna say, i dont use phones lol :p
[MAYBOY] wasn't he at the wedding?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol am bk
[DIZZY] 55 mins to go
[MAYBOY] are we doing a countdown.....although i might be called downstairs :confused:
[ADZ] already?! :O
[MAYBOY] no when the time comes :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] didnt last yrs go wrong
[MAYBOY] countdown from now are u mad :p and yes i think that was me lol
[ADZ] wasn't there a pause :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :p yesh
[MAYBOY] yes i couldnt count :v2_dizzy_blush:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol bwess :laugh:
[ADZ] as soon as we're certain we'll be here for the countdown, we'll do a practice at some point
[MAYBOY] the year before didnt someone fall offline
[DIZZY] yeah that was me, msn kicked me off :)
[ADZ] i was just listening to the fireworks lol
[MAYBOY] yeah i can hear some aswell
[ADZ] oh sorry about that :p
[MAYBOY] lol, no probs m8 ;) the gang are all here
[ADZ] "...and looking for some action" :p
[MAYBOY] steady lol :p
[ADZ] *hic*
[ADZ] im not even alcoholic lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] sum1 dance with meeee :D
[MAYBOY] yes we are all on the soft drinks ;) *dances* :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] yay # Lets dooo the time warp agaaaaain!
[ADZ] heres a question, whos gonna be the first to post a shout when the new year comes lol
[MAYBOY] ;) place your bets
[DIZZY] 45 mins to go
[MAYBOY] 44 :p
[ADZ] forty..........3 :p
[DIZZY] lol
[ADZ] the countdown usually starts in alphabetical order.......typical!!.........i'm the first to start off again! :p
[DIZZY] lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] then meeeeee :D if im second, dus tht mean i get 1 :p
[ADZ] so it's me that has to keep a serious eye on the clock leaving the rest of u to type in random numbers lol
[MAYBOY] well not random numbers, the right numbers ;) dont want that happening again lol, i dont care where i come as long as i get it right :)
[ADZ] take last year as an example ;)
[DIZZY] thanks for the e-card manda lol ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol ur welcome :D can we have madness :D
[ADZ runs around in circles]
[ADZ] oh right.....madness lol
[MAYBOY] not that sort of madness :P
[DIZZY] ah so your listening to the 'radio' too ? lol
[MAYBOY] :v2_dizzy_blush: my terrible voiceovers lol *hides* i didnt know he was going to use those
[DIZZY] :) actually i like the professionism of the voice lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :laugh:
[DIZZY] ive gtg peeps :( im sorry but ill be online
[ADZ] okies m8
[DIZZY] can't do the countdown.. erm.. what numbers would i have had.. ill do them now lol
[ADZ] i'd have 10, amanda 9, u 8, nath 7
[DIZZY] k. 8,....4......0........HAPPY NEW YEAR! :p
[ADZ] w00t :p
[DIZZY] :) my work here is done :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol bye bye xxxxx
[DIZZY] bye all .. ill be back probably at 12.01 lol
[ADZ] cya next year m8 ;) lol
[DIZZY] happy new year in 30 mins ya'all .. brb :)
[MAYBOY] indeed ;)
[ADZ] remember the pressures on once i start the countdown :p
[MAYBOY] still amazes me how quick u are :p whos starting?
[ADZ] me
[MAYBOY] then...
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :p me then u
[MAYBOY] ;) kk lets go
[ADZ does flies up]
[MAYBOY] kk :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] loool ma doggies need to pee
[MAYBOY] rusty? :p
[ADZ] my flies aint rusty :p
[MAYBOY] :laugh: i should hope not lol, thats the name of one of the doggies :p
[ADZ] i knew that :p
[MAYBOY] i hope i can do the countdown actually i might get called out by dad
[ADZ] we'll see
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :( arg am uncomfy, have to keep moving :dizzy_mad:
[MAYBOY] shall we all do it now then
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :p yesh
[ADZ] LOL, sorry, okies...10
[ADZ] 7
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] 6 wooo lucky number
[ADZ] 4
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] 4......arg........3
[MAYBOY] lol 2
[ADZ] 1
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] happy new yr lol
[MAYBOY] yay :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] soz i bodged i pressed wrong key :embarassed:
[ADZ] w00t im number one, im number one!!!!!!! :p
[MAYBOY] its harder than u think though :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] arg ma brothers winding me up :( am gonna stress
[MAYBOY] nooo whats he doing :(
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] jus messin about
[MAYBOY] no my numbers :p
[ADZ] i told u i don't use a phone! :p
[MAYBOY] just button it u :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] cocky lil git tht he is :laugh:
[ADZ] wheres a bottle of pesticide when u need it lol
[MAYBOY] one of those catch 22 things
[ADZ] i've only caught 19 atm lol
[MAYBOY] where are all these jokes coming from :p
[ADZ] i think it's the bristish comedy kicking in lol or my coat that makes me look like a tramp :laugh:
[MAYBOY] :p im only wearing PJ's
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im wearing ma jeans n ma tie dye tshirt
[ADZ] 10 mins :v2_dizzy_eek:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :v2_dizzy_dry: o the joy lol
[MAYBOY] why did andy have to leave if hes staying online?
[ADZ] might be family thing......7
[ADZ] will be in a minute :p
[MAYBOY] :O almost time
[GREEN_DAY_GAL bounces]
[Everyone gets ready]
[ADZ] 10
[ADZ] 7
[ADZ] 4
[MAYBOY] lol 2
[ADZ] 1
[Fireworks go off in the distance]
[ADZ] all the best for 2007 :) , im gonna try and kick ass this time :p
[MAYBOY] 5 minutes and the sky starts banging lol :p
[DIZZY runs up]
[DIZZY] 5, 4, 3, 2, i too late??
[MAYBOY] :laugh: yes that was last year :p
[DIZZY] b*llocks :rolleyes:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] looool
[ADZ] sorry m8 :laugh:
[Everyone plans to head off to bed]



Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:45 pm
by Adz.M
How long we got till the next countdown? ;) lol