Strange going on continum (EVENING #19)

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Strange going on continum (EVENING #19)

Post by Adz.M » Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:06 am

Evening 19: - Strange Going On Continum

[MATT] right, i'll start :p ah 1, ah 2, ah 1 2 3 4
[ADZ] ...
[ADZ] wtf was that
[MATT] lol must be nath :laugh:
[PTEAL knocks on the door]
[MATT answers the door]
[MATT] :p stop knocking
[PTEAL] but the bells not working :dizzy_mad: and i forgot my key :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MATT] ah ok i'll let you off then ;)
[ADZ] There it goes again
[PTEAL] the thud came from matts room
[MATT] it did not!
[ADZ] well let see, mat, u have ur room key?
[MATT] err searches in pockets ya
[MATT thinks about giving ADZ the key]
[MATT] why do u want it anyway? :rolleyes:
[ADZ] yoink!
[ADZ opens the DOOR]
[MATT] :shocked: nooooo!! uh oh
[A blinding light tries to break into the corridor]
[MATT] quick, close ur eyes, dont look.....
[PTEAL] who's that?
[MATT]'ll turn blind
[ADZ gets shades out]
[ADZ] it looks like...a harpy showing off his teeth
[ADZ closes DOOR and everyone runs downstairs fast]
[ADZ] right, what do we do with our little friend then?
[PTEAL] chuck them in urine lake ;)
[ADZ] ya, bit of the problem with the lake
[MATT] huh?
[PTEAL] what water shortage?
[ADZ] andy phoned the water cleaner guy yesterday and asked it to be cleaned out and safe to swim in
[MATT] :v2_dizzy_rolleyes: tut tut
[PTEAL] never mind there is always the crocodile :p that may get him
[ADZ] i don't think anyone ever found the croc, he must be hiding
[PTEAL] no he's over there!
[ADZ] where?!
[MATT] uh oh, i see him
[PTEAL] i'm going to ask him is name :p
[The CROC mumbles in PTEAL's ear]
[PTEAL] oh...its name is dizzydude :p :laugh:
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_jawdrop:
[PTEAL] better kick him out :p
[ADZ] how crap is his english? :hitwall:
[MATT] so he's an annoying twat? :laugh:
[CROC turns to the blackened kitchen]
[ADZ] er, u might find we've had a fire so the cupboards are bare atm
[PTEAL] never mind ;)
[CROC runs off to nearest co-op]
[PTEAL] :v2_dizzy_confused2: with his discount card
[CROC suddenly returns and fills the cupboards]
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_jawdrop: :v2_dizzy_confused2: hold on......
[PTEAL] looks like we have some cheese too
[ADZ] we did have more but they appear to have dissapeard
[PTEAL] must be that 8ft mouse over there ;)
[ADZ] :p indeed
[MATT] lol
[ADZ] hmmm, you're not thinking what i think you're thinking are u? :p
[MATT] :laugh: depends
[ADZ] well what do u guys think? i think our mouse is human
[PTEAL] yeah it does appear to be a cheap party costume of a mouse!
[ADZ] :v2_dizzy_clapping: yeah
[ADZ runs upstairs and looks on the floors]
[ADZ] ah, i found some crumbs! they lead to nath's room
[PTEAL] ah ha
[ADZ] :rolleyes: he's locked his door
[PTEAL] is there a spare key?
[ADZ] um, mat do u know where the spare keys are kept?
[MATT] im not so sure
[PTEAL] ain't they in nath's room? ......d'oh!!
[ADZ] if i know how storage works in this place, there maybe another spare lying around the house, i know he's always leaves one key in his room and another he leaves lying around by accident
[PTEAL] ok i'll start looking in the basement
[PTEAL runs off]
[ADZ runs upstairs]
[MATT looks around and wonders where everone has gone]
[ADZ sneaks in MATT's room again]
[MATT] noo
[ADZ looks in, the bright light is gone and the giant plant has gone a funny colour]
[ADZ] err, mat! y'know that giant plant of yours?
[MATT] ya
[PTEAL] i'm back from the basement, nothin down there, apart from a strange 'fishy' smell
[ADZ] fishy smell?! blimey, someone from the fanz halls must have had something
[MATT] that plant doesn't look well at all :O i'll head to the phone downstairs
[ADZ] are they usually blue and purple?
[PTEAL] what has matt been watering it with?!
[ADZ] i know the urine lake is full of funny stuff, the best solution would've been to the sparkly water lake a mile off from here
[ADZ looks around MATT's room]
[PTEAL] are u sure adz?
[ADZ] :) is that a key i see?
[PTEAL] :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[ADZ sneaks in MATT's room and takes the key and runs to MAYBOY's room]
[ADZ] ah, i think i got it
[MATT] im here!
[ADZ] ah mat
[ADZ tries not act nervous and hides the key thats in the keyhole]
[MATT] whats that u got there? :p
[ADZ] er, a cocktail stick, i jammed it in the door by accident :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MATT] hmm really?
[ADZ] ok ok, i nicked the key from ur room but look, it fits! :p
[ADZ turns the key and gets electricuted]
[MATT] HAHA :vhappy: me and nath worked on this one owned
[ADZ] bugger :cross: what u laughing at?
[PTEAL] :v2_dizzy_lol:
[ADZ] ok so nath's door is still locked, lets check amy's room, but we must be careful, the walls are cracked
[As the gang enter DYLANSBIRD's room, a funny noise is heard and the window is dusty]
[MATT] hmm
[PTEAL] looks like no ones been in here in a long time
[ADZ] it was 6 months ago when amy was last in here, i think andy was trying to rent it cause he doesn't know if she coming back
[PTEAL] whats that over there in the crack in the wall...its a key!
[The floor creeks]
[ADZ] okies, btw. that floor next to the wall doesn't look safe to cross
[MATT] :O indeed
[ADZ] um, u got anything to poke to get the key on the floor
[MATT] nope, all ive got is a hanky # do the hancky panky :p
[MATT turns round]
[PTEAL] oh never mind i'll get it :rolleyes:
[PTEAL walks over to the wall, the floor suddenly gives way]
[ADZ] woah!
[MATT] :v2_dizzy_scared: OMG!
[PTEAL falls to the floor below into MAYBOY's room]
[PTEAL] shouts well i got the key, banged my f*****g head too!
[ADZ] see if u can get out m8!
[PTEAL] its alright, its a yale lock, :laugh:
[PTEAL opens door and looks at the pile of rubble]
[ADZ and MATT runs down into MAYBOY's room]
[PTEAL] do you think he'll notice?
[ADZ] nah, some plaster should fix it
[PTEAL] what a wooden floor? :laugh:
[ADZ] um, well anything strong
[PTEAL] plank of wood? i found it in matts room once
[MATT] :dizzy_rolleyes: dont ask..
[ADZ] lol, yeah ok god, look at that table! those pieces of cheese must be months old!
[PTEAL] no wonder we've got 8ft tall mice!
[ADZ] it's the 11ft im worried about lol
[PTEAL] lol
[ADZ] is that crocodile still there
[PTEAL] *checks* yep
[ADZ] whats he doing
[PTEAL] not sure
[CROC reacts and exits to the lake]
[ADZ] ok so that explains where the cheese is but what about the bright teethed harpy??
[PTEAL] duno ain't seen him about for a while
[MATT] :p maybe hes gone to brush his teeth :laugh:
[A funny buzzing his suddenly heard in DIZZY's room]
[MATT] wtf is that
[Everyone runs upstairs]
[ADZ sticks eye in the keyhole and sees a diamond gleaming strongly]
[PTEAL] some wacky experiment perhaps?
[MATT] maybe
[ADZ] i think we'll leave him to it, even though i cant see him in there
[A menacing laugh is heard]
[ADZ almost faints]
[PTEAL] steady :rolleyes:
[as ADZ, PTEAL and MATT think about what DIZZY is up to in his room, where the CROC and HARPY dissappeard to, MAYBOY is seen making his way home.....]