"Not another wedding episode!" (EVENING #18)

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"Not another wedding episode!" (EVENING #18)

Post by Adz.M » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:40 am

Evening 18: - ?Not another wedding episode!?

[NEWS GEEZER] As we stand in the party garden of the team yolkfolkians, other characters are plannig a wedding for MargateMan and green_day_gal, but can't start for some reason......
[ADZ] man, mat is taking his time :rolleyes:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im bored :(
[ADZ] did he get the invitation?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] erm, hu delivered it
[MARGATEMAN] who votes we start without him? :p
[ADZ] i thought nath did
[MAYBOY] its always my fault :p lol
[ADZ] not really, I just thought nath m8
[MAYBOY] lol its k ;)
[ADZ] andy's waiting to play his new keyboard aswell
[DIZZY plays around with his KEYBOARD]
[ADZ] and wheres nitro?
[MARGATEMAN] :p that so?
[MAYBOY] andy going to play with us.......err i mean for us :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] u jus ruined ur own fantasy nath :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] :p he did, lol
[ADZ] lol, wait till the stag night ;)
[MAYBOY] oh be quiet u lot :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] yea, nath wants 2 b wit nitro :p j/k
[MAYBOY] if u keep on ill swallow the rings :p then u will have to wait till ive gone to the loo for the wedding :p
[ADZ] yeah but you'll have to crap sometime m8 lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol, we cud cut u open :p
[MARGATEMAN] ooo, lets do that! :vhappy:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i bagsy his liver!
[MAYBOY] ooh im for sale :p wonder what bit sam wants ;)
[ADZ] i never said i was gonna cut him :rolleyes:
[MARGATEMAN] i am :p im having his brain! :vhappy:
[ADZ] when?
[MAYBOY] i dont know i cant remember...sam has my brain :p
[ADZ] nows thats funny that :confused: theres no scars on ur head
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ma mam hs a scar on her head!
[MARGATEMAN] :p from where i removed her brain!
[MAYBOY] i have a scar on my chin
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] where my uncle (her lil bro) stabbed her wit a fork
[MAYBOY] i fell out the clothes basket when i was younger lol......omg
[ADZ] eww, lovely :neutral: and i wish that itv crew would sod off :v2_dizzy_dry:
[MAYBOY] itv filming the wedding? lol
[ADZ] sad but true lol got any stones?
[MAYBOY] im going to text young matt lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p you are?
[MAYBOY] he will get a smacked botty if he doesnt come on now :p
[ADZ] when?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] he texted me, hes outside his house......
[MAYBOY] right ive just sent one lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ......and locked out parrently
[ADZ] lol, i don't the keys on me
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] nath, wud u eva rainbow kiss any1?
[MAYBOY] that is sick :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] sam sed u wud
[ADZ shudders]
[MAYBOY] come here young sam :p
[MAYBOY chases MARGATEMAN around in a big circle]
[ADZ] whilst u boys are done running round in circles trashing the wedding, we must..........err........do......umm
[MARGATEMAN] :p the wedding?
[MAYBOY] boys? i dont think so :p
[MARGATEMAN] :D i am a man!
[MAYBOY] yeah right :p
[MARGATEMAN] :( i am... ask Amanda, she'd know :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] huh......what.......man? :v2_dizzy_rolleyes: ....no...:lol:
[MARGATEMAN] :p excuse me!
[ADZ] lmao
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im not a lesbian ok :p hes sum form of male human
[ADZ] from...?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] his mum im guessin :laugh:
[ADZ] gd point :p
[MAYBOY] that shut u up mate :p
[Everyone turns around and finds MARGATEMAN gone]
[MAYBOY] wheres young sam :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] in bed
[ADZ legs it to his room]
[MARGATEMAN runs out the HOUSE]
[MAYBOY] no no he might be getting changed lol, ill go :p .....oh
[ADZ] ah ur here, i wasn't planning on stealin those stickers....honest :)
[MARGATEMAN] :p ....stickers?
[ADZ] y'know those sonic classics ones
[MARGATEMAN] o right
[MAYBOY] *looking at his mobile* omg young matt really is locked out of his house :v2_dizzy_scared: i thought u were joking :embarassed:
[ADZ] should be ok if he's breaks through the kitchen window
[ADAM, a friend of GREEN_DAY_GAL walks by]
[DIZZY is still playing around on his KEYBOARD]
[MAYBOY] its soooo frustrating being locked out though
[ADAM] ola
[MAYBOY] i wanted to bust the door in lol
[ADZ] ya
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] not u adz :p lol
[MAYBOY] lol
[MARGATEMAN] last time i got locked out, i went round to toms... during his Grandad's wake...
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] adam????
[ADAM] yes :p
[ADZ] thats me :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] omg... shes pregnant!!!! lol
[ADAM] lol
[ADZ] wtf
[MAYBOY] who is :p
[ADZ] nath? :p
[DIZZY] *shouting nearby* oi!
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ma music teacher, jus remembered :v2_dizzy_lol:
[ADZ] oh
[MAYBOY] someone hit the right notes then :p
[ADAM] amanda what happerned, not spreading it about are u? :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] like these go 2 our skool :hitwall:
[ADAM] still spreading it about :p
[ADZ] school? im 18, i dont do school :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] spreding with a knife :D lol, i wudnt do ma skool either
[ADZ] do you have any stones?
[ADAM] no why?
[ADZ] im hoping to throw some at that itv lot over there trying to film us all!
[MAYBOY] no behave! :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol, like jordon n peter, they got the 1st 4 days of their honeymoon filmed, i cudnt sleep so i watched it :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p well, i am a (non)famous (Semi)proffesional footballer
[ADZ] really now? :p *throws football to sam*
[MARGATEMAN] ow... i didn't say a proffesional target!
[ADZ] no ur meant to catch it m8 :p
[MARGATEMAN] :embarassed: o yeah
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] this wedding is starrting at 8.......
[MARGATEMAN] :p i had to play for Folkestone at the weekend
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] .....whether matts arse and body is here or not :p
[MARGATEMAN] :D i got payed ?20 for it
[ADZ] and where my 10% :p
[MAYBOY] matts arse..and body :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p um... ur 10% is in the post
[ADZ] oh gdgd
[MAYBOY] anyway 8 o clock it is ;)
[ADAM] 5 mins to go by me
[MARGATEMAN] 4 mins to go by me
[MAYBOY] 4 :p
[ADZ] yup *gets book of random stuff*
[MAYBOY] 4 mins and 46 seconds :p
[ADAM] is there time diffrence form north to south?
[MARGATEMAN] ... i dont think so
[ADZ] shouldn't be
[MAYBOY] nah its just our computers are different :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p although there is such a thing as Margate Standard Time
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol we're north east :D
[MARGATEMAN] im 1 minute different to GMT
[DIZZY watches everyone in amusement]
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i need ma maid of honor :p
[MAYBOY] so the wedding starts dwn here before up there :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol well yea
[ADZ] up where?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] the bride enters later and it's up u adz :p
[ADZ] charming :laugh:
[MAYBOY] up the aisle ;)
[MARGATEMAN] ... isn't that Nath's job? :p
[MAYBOY] later young sam ;)
[ADZ] anyway amanda, get ready
[MARGATEMAN] if your lucky :P
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] adam, ur a bridesmaid
[MAYBOY] *feels for the ring* i have it :D
[ADAM] yay
[ADZ] mmm, coca cola on the floor :D *picks up bottle and drinks it*
[ADAM] do i get a dress???
[ADZ] uhhhh *hic*
[MAYBOY] what sort of dress would u like ;)
[ADZ] huh?, who? *hic*
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] slutty :p
[ADAM] pink and fluffy of corse
[MAYBOY opens portable wardrobe]
[ADZ] *hic*
[MARGATEMAN] lol Nath and Adam would make a nice couple
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[MAYBOY] look look back to the wedding ppl :p
[ADZ] i *hic* wont make a *hic* couples with nath!
[DIZZY tries not to laugh at ADZ]
[ADAM] WHAT? which adam
[ADAM] lol ok
[MAYBOY] *gets ready* how do i look ;)
[ADZ] u use ur eyeballs dont u *hic* nath?
[MARGATEMAN] :p here we go
[MAYBOY] does my bum look big in this? :p sorry lol
[DIZZY] I am ready :) not sure about adz though :laugh:
[MARGATEMAN] :p so... Vicar Adz, if you will ;)
[ADZ] huh? *hic* will i what, who r u? *hic*
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] oh no... the vicars drunk! :shocked:
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_scared: its like Father Ted
[ADAM] why does this seem like something off corrie :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol adam, u fill in :p
[MAYBOY] lol
[ADZ] whos corrie? *hic*
[ADAM] lol corination street
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] the he she vicar in the slutty dress :p
[MAYBOY] lol yeah its mine so dont spoil it :p
[ADAM] thnx
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] im sorry :p
[MARGATEMAN still stands]
[ADAM] shall i start
[MARGATEMAN] yes :p why not?
[MAYBOY] please :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL and MARGATEMAN look at each other]
[ADZ nearly vommits and collapses]

[GREEN_DAY_GAL] oooo, bye bye adz :p
[ADAM] ladays and getalmen we are gather hered today to witness the marriage of amdna and whoever shes marrying cos no one told me :p
[MAYBOY] it's young sam ;)
[ADAM] thats the one
[MARGATEMAN] :p not so much of the young please
[MAYBOY] be married sam in a minute :p
[MARGATEMAN] ... lol, Amanda Walker
[MAYBOY] same initials ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol aw
[MARGATEMAN] true :p
[DIZZY] i always cry at weddings :cry:
[MAYBOY wipes a tear]
[MARGATEMAN] :p cos he wants the groom!
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] its not like im gonna be burnt
[ADAM] anyways carrying on
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] or sam or.......im gonna shut up......cremated
[ADAM] yes pleasre do in the house of you mighty lord
[DIZZY] indeed
[MARGATEMAN] ... yeah... lets get this over with :p my foots going to sleep
[ADZ stands up trying to clear his head and nearly falls on DIZZY]
[DIZZY] steady m8
[MAYBOY hears foot snore]
[ADAM] does anyone here obgected to this marrige
[ADZ] uhh, wtf
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] andy, dont object!!!
[DIZZY] huh, i avent :laugh:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i know but im warnin u :p
[DIZZY] lol okies
[ADAM] anyways again carrying on blah blah blah.....do you sam take amanda for your wife?
[MARGATEMAN] indeed i do :) ;)
[MAYBOY nearly nods off]
[ADAM] and do you amanda take sam to be your husband
[MARGATEMAN] *nudges nath* it's amanda's go! :P
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol, i do :)
[MAYBOY] sorry lol :v2_dizzy_blush:
[MARGATEMAN] :p i already did mine
[ADAM] then by the powers vested in me by amanda n the rest of you, i now pronoce you man and amanda :D :p you may kiss the bride :v2_dizzy_cool:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] oi!! :p
[ADZ watches with excitment]
[MAYBOY] you "may" kiss the bride meaning u dont have to.......i never get that bit :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p im going to! :p sod the 'may' bit
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] nathan may :hitwall: lmao
[MARGATEMAN] :p Andy, who you kissing?
[MAYBOY] ooh andy thats even turning me on :p kidding ;)
[ADZ] lets not go there :rolleyes:
[DIZZY] huh
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lmao omg, i aint laffed so much in ages.....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[ADAM] right can i go bk to slutty bridesmade rather than vicar
[MARGATEMAN] yup :p now the bridemaid and the best man can sleep together
[ADZ] hold on, u didn't recieve ur 10 quid yet
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] fish shop!!!!!!! :D
[MARGATEMAN] :p woho!
[ADZ] actually, amanda deserves it seeing u already have that 20 quid ;)
[MARGATEMAN] Amanda and chips!
[ADAM] i was the vicar so that means i've pleged my love to god sprry nath
[MAYBOY] who fancies a battered sausage :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p you?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] yea, batter ur butt out with it :p
[MARGATEMAN] :confused: nice...
[MAYBOY] anyway are we done now :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p apparently so
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] wait...
[ADZ picks up a BUCKET and fills it with BATTER]
[ADZ] right wheres that bloody itv lot?! i have a bucket of batter and im not afraid to use it! :p
[MAYBOY] lol
[ADAM] amanda why is sam thretening our local tv station?
[MAYBOY] in the news the next day "2 cameramen got battered at a wedding" :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] no thats adz u nutter! :p sluttery nuttery :p
[ADAM] oh sorry, i was on the phone then, busy chosing names for the baby with karly
[MARGATEMAN] :p Sam is a good name
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ooo wha u gonna call ur baby sam, is it a boy or a girl
[MARGATEMAN] Samuel Henry The IInd
[MAYBOY] samuel or samantha works both ways ;)
[ADAM] i hope that isn't a girl then :laugh:
[ADZ] or shirley ;)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] call him billie joe :v2_dizzy_yahoo:
[MARGATEMAN] :p or Rocky.....not as good as themargateman, By far the greatest team! The world has ever seen!
[ADZ] *looks around*....who?
[ADAM] are we talking sport?
[MARGATEMAN] :p indeed Super Margate, Super Margate FC!
[ADAM] o joy lets all jump now :p
[DIZZY] I gtg people, enjoy the rest of the day :)
[MARGATEMAN] bye Andy! thanks :)
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] lol yea thnx
[MARGATEMAN] speak to you soon
[MAYBOY] bye andy mate :)
[MARGATEMAN] ... yes...
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] bye xxxx
[MARGATEMAN] ... not too soon if your talking like that
[MAYBOY nudges ADZ]
[ADZ] oh, cya m8
[MAYBOY] shocked what indigestion can do lol
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] tht b ma hubby :D lol......wtf
[ADZ] :shocked:
[DIZZY] lol
[DIZZY exits]


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Post by Adz.M » Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:18 am


[MAYBOY] well that was a mad 5 minutes :p
[ADZ] 25 minutes..... or more..... :v2_dizzy_blink:
[MARGATEMAN] :p yeah
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] twas awesome :D
[MARGATEMAN] :p was pretty good!
[ADAM] so wheres the photographer every wedding needs photos
[MAYBOY] oooh no one threw the boquet lol
[MARGATEMAN] .... um... up Nath's a*se? :laugh:
[MAYBOY] who ever catched it should be married next :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] me throws!! me me me *gets ready* 3, 2, 1
[GREEN_DAY_GAL throws]
[ADAM jumps in air]
[MAYBOY tries to catch and grabs it]
[ADAM tries to snatch from MAYBOY]

[MARGATEMAN] ... ah, Nath! your gonna get married :p but im taken
[MAYBOY] shame if only i was here 30 mins sooner :p
[ADAM] but then you wuddn't have caught the bouque anyways
[MAYBOY] oh shhh :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] hu likes ma pic
[ADAM] this wubderful very sutel
[MAYBOY] lol
[ADZ] lol
[ADAM] just cos i looked manly in my pink fluffy slutty dress doesn't mean i acuttaly am one :p
[MAYBOY] oh yeah that must go bck in my wardrobe later on :p or would u like to borrow it ;)
[ADAM] well not realy merteanty wear
[MAYBOY] lol
[MARGATEMAN] maternity :p
[ADAM] thnx
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] luka ma pic :D
[MAYBOY] horny sam ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :v2_dizzy_blink: oh no...
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] sam in a vest! is it turning u on nath :v2_dizzy_tongue2:
[MAYBOY] not quite i want the pic to go lower :p
[ADZ] oh dear :rolleyes:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] he wont lemme see him now :(
[ADZ] hold him down :p give him some fosters :p
[MAYBOY] "well you wouldnt want a warm beer, would ya" ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p i dont mind as long as its beer
[ADZ] be....er........wood.......ewe? im confuzzled
[MAYBOY] i worry about u sometimes adz mate :p
[MARGATEMAN] ... me too
[ADZ] in what way?
[MAYBOY] lol nothing, well u always worry about me ;)
[MARGATEMAN] :p sanity
[ADZ] possibly yeah
[MARGATEMAN] i worry bout your sanity :p
[ADZ] u worry about santa?
[MARGATEMAN] ... him too :p he's too fat, can't be good for his heart
[MAYBOY] the tooth fairy, what does he do with all those teeth :p
[ADZ] ah yes, the fairy, WHERES MY 10 QUID?! :p
[MARGATEMAN] ... wheres my 10 quid? :v2_dizzy_tongue:
[ADZ] she builds a lovely castle made of teeth :p
[MAYBOY] so its a she now :p might not be ;)
[ADZ] what? i thought u was talking about amanda
[MAYBOY] no i was talking about the tooth fairy...oh nevermind lol ive just realised....
[MAYBOY] is young matt still locked out :p
[ADZ] maybe *feels funny* what the hell did u put in that coke?
[MAYBOY] poor lad
[ADZ] me or matt?
[MARGATEMAN] :p all of you
[ADZ] aww, i'd do a group hug but i feel really hungover :v2_dizzy_crazy:
[MAYBOY] a group hug would be gd though :p
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] group hug!!!
[ADAM] byez ppl, got to plan baby things byez
[ADAM exits]
[ADZ] whos squeezing me?
[MAYBOY] sam :p
[ADZ] im not amanda m8! lol
[MARGATEMAN] :confused: wat?
[ADZ] well, someones sqeezed me
[MARGATEMAN] :p o right, it was probs Nath
[MAYBOY] well it was a group hug, suppost to be some contact lol
[ADZ] cheerz ;) hmm, say guys, do you have objects u can throw?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL shows off her gun]
[ADZ] throw not use :p
[MAYBOY] lol what for this time
[ADZ] i think the itv lot are bck
[MAYBOY] let me look at that coke u've been drinking lol
[ADZ] coke? oh yeah that
[MARGATEMAN] :confused:
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i jus nrly broke ma ps2 earlier
[MAYBOY] nooooo what happened
[MARGATEMAN] :p i wanted to eat the chips inside it
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] i triped over wire, ps2 flew like halfway cross ma room
[MAYBOY] ive done that before lol
[MARGATEMAN] :p X-Box is better, the controller cable is in 2 parts
[MAYBOY] amazing how these machines survive stuff like that
[MARGATEMAN] :p so it comes apart when you pull it
[MAYBOY] well could of been the mains cable ;)
[ADZ] ya
[MAYBOY] the answer is already here...wireless controllers :D
[MARGATEMAN] :p o yeah
[ADZ] laptops?
[MARGATEMAN] :p mines on my lap
[MAYBOY] your top is :p
[ADZ] how many laps?
[MARGATEMAN] ... 1 :v2_dizzy_confused2:
[ADZ] 1 lap on a small circuit? what sort of car do u have? lol
[MARGATEMAN] :confused:
[MAYBOY] my brain hurts :(
[MARGATEMAN] :D mine is dead
[ADZ] yes!! did it :p i managed to confuzzle nath :p
[MAYBOY] i need a head massage
[MARGATEMAN] :p i want a massage too!
[ADZ] whats the message?
[MARGATEMAN] :p learn to read
[MAYBOY] the message is "i want a massage" lol
[ADZ] oh ooook
[MAYBOY] i need something to eat
[ADZ] don't look at me like that :p
[NITRO pops up from the TIN MINE CAVE]
[ADZ] oooh, theres nitro
[NITRO suddenly runs off like he's seen something in the distance]
[ADZ] and there he goes :p
[MAYBOY] u talk about him as if he came dwn in a parachute :p
[ADZ] so sam, when u moving into amanda's room, im sure nath will help out :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p next 5 mins
[ADZ] okies, i'll find the keys to the front door aswell, let young mat in
[MAYBOY] he could so do with a key right now lol
[MARGATEMAN] :confused: ok..
[ADZ] it's getting dark too
[MARGATEMAN] no it's not! it's just cloudy :p
[MAYBOY] he cant still be locked out
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] adz.....
[MARGATEMAN] :confused: who knows?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] ......whats happened 2 u
[MARGATEMAN] he's gotten high!
[MAYBOY] its that coke :p
[ADZ] dunno, funny taste though
[MAYBOY] was it with lime :p i havent tried that one yet ;)
[ADZ] cant get drunk with lime
[MAYBOY] or coke as a matter of fact lol
[ADZ] anyway whos the first to cross urine lake?
[GREEN_DAY_GAL] me! lol :D
[GREEN_DAY_GAL crosses the lake and dashes to her room]
[ADZ] i still remember the time nath skated on it when it was frozen and me and nitro had to drag him out :p
[MARGATEMAN] why did we call it urine lake?
[MAYBOY] im not filling it :p
[ADZ] yeah, what else would you call our yellow river? lol
[MAYBOY] eww just the thought of getting in a lake full or urine :S
[MARGATEMAN] yeah...well, least it isn't Seaman lake :p obviously named after the England goalkeeper
[MAYBOY] u have to push it one step too far :p oh the goalkeeper, thats ok then lol
[ADZ pushes MARGATEMAN into the lake]
[MARGATEMAN] nooo! im drowning in p*ss
[MAYBOY] lol
[ADZ] lmao
[MAYBOY] just dont open your mouth :p
[MARGATEMAN] o.. now you tell me!
[ADZ helps MARGATEMAN out]
[ADZ] there :)
[ADZ tries not to laugh]
[MARGATEMAN] :p thanks, mmm... summin smells of p*ss...
[MAYBOY] u :p talking of p*ss i wanna go now lol
[ADZ] tsk tsk lol
[MAYBOY tempts to refill the lake]
[MAYBOY] kidding ;)
[ADZ] oh dear :v2_dizzy_rolleyes:
[MARGATEMAN] :p i'll help ... Nath... yours is a lil small :p
[ADZ] LMAO, dirty bugger
[MAYBOY] u shouldnt be looking :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p sorry
[ADZ] *cough* indeed
[MAYBOY] control yourself, u are married now u know :p
[MARGATEMAN] o yeah, im a horny husband
[ADZ] who stinks of p*ss :v2_dizzy_lol:
[MARGATEMAN] :confused: o yeah.. im gonna go bath/change
[ADZ] out here?
[MARGATEMAN enters then exits the nearest change 'o' matic and comes back in devil costume smelling of pasties]
[ADZ] evil sam eh? :p
[MARGATEMAN] :p i am evil Sam
[MAYBOY] devil sam ;)
[ADZ gets him in the lake again]
[MAYBOY] mind where u are putting that fork :p
[MARGATEMAN] o no.. i smell of p*ss again :(
[MARGATEMAN gets out and pushes ADZ and MAYBOY into the LAKE and legs it to the house]
[MAYBOY] ewwwwww :(
[ADZ] y'know, i get this feeling he's annoyed with us m8 :p lol
[MAYBOY] ive never been p*ssed before :p
[ADZ] there u go
[MAYBOY] nah he just feels left out, wanted us to smell like he does ;)
[ADZ] lol perhaps
[As ADZ and MAYBOY gets out of urine lake, MARGATEMAN moves into GREEN_DAY_GAL'S room]