Altering setup.exe (& dizzy.exe)

Need help with using DizzyAGE then look here
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Altering setup.exe (& dizzy.exe)

Post by delta » Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:16 pm

ok, i'm posting this as a fairly simple reference guide as to how to alter the setup.exe file that comes with DizzyAGE.

I'm not going to go into it detail by detail, just enough detail so that i can reference it in a years time.

first, you'll need ResHacker. Now load the .exe file into ResHacker.

if you want to change the icon, left click the + button next to 'icon group', then the + button next to '101', then left click on 1033, and now right click on 1033, then click 'replace resource'. easy (this also works for dizzy.exe).

to change the script, left click the + button next to 'FILES', then the + button next to 'SETUP.GS', then left click on 1033 and change it in the window. Click the 'complie script' button when finished, or it won't work.

Now the complex bit. changing background images. left click on 'FILES', now right click on 'FILES', and click 'save [ FILES ] resources'. save it, and you'll find a load of files called data_1.bin, data_2.bin etc. simply open up a blank GIMP file (or other photo editing software) and edit it. Then save it as a .png file. Now go back to reshacker, and left click on the + button next to whichever file you wish to replace (for example BACKGROUND.PNG). then left click on 1033, and right click on it to bring the menu up. Click 'Replace Resource', and select the file you want to replace it with. Now fill in the boxes that appear as follows:
ResourceType = FILES
ResourceName = BACKGROUND.PNG (in this case)
ResourceLanguage = (leave empty)

Then click 'replace'. done.

Don't forget to save the file, and it's done! :)

If you've replaced the icon file, it may not show up immediately (or indeed for ages), as windows seems to 'remember' the old icon for quite a while. Don't worry though, as everyone else will see it fine.


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Post by Queex » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:24 pm

Windows keeps a cache of icons- you can force a refresh using TweakUI, but it happens every now and again anyway. I'm not sure how to force a refresh on newer Windows systems.
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