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Need help with using DizzyAGE then look here
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Post by Grandad » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:48 am

Hi Boo

I know what it's like having made my first game a few months ago as a complete novice. If you're anything like me the tutorials are like learning a foreign language, but do persist cos although there is loads of frustration in trying to make things work, the sense of achievement when you get something to work is unbelievable. Read the tutorials till you're blue in the face. Watch Jamie's videos over and over again. Crack open Mushroom Pie and pull the map apart to check all the 'action blocks' and try to match them to the coding. Plus think of the engine as being stupid and you have to tell it exactly what to do and in what order.

And if it's any help here are some basic tips that I found very useful.

Check your spelling. It's so easy to put a lowercase character instead of an uppercase character in some of the basic functions such as ObjGet, ObjFind, ObjSet etc as the engine won't recognise it during the game, but will ignore it during the initial loading check.

Never put an semi-colon at the end of a func line or at the end of an 'if' or an 'else' statement.

Always use ObjGet(ObjFind ... to check the status etc of an object and ObjSet(ObjFind ... to alter the status etc of something. Obvious, but took me ages to properly figure out.

When using an 'if' statement in an ActionObject sequence end each 'section' with 'return;' before starting the next 'if' line. Not vital, but unless the coding is spot on the engine will sometimes just continue with the next part of the sequence. Also, always use curly brackets after the 'if' statement to contain the commands.

Always use 'else' when starting a new section of a UseObject sequence, and again use the curly brackets after an 'if' statement.

And of course enclose the whole 'func' within curly brackets.

If it helps, try unpacking Daisy Goes Solo and look at the game script file. For the early parts I tried to include as much detail as I could to explain what I was trying to do.

Hope this is useful - now to put my own query on the site.


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