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Could you help me where can I find or how to ger any of thees items: nylons, bright red underwear, spare breasts, policeman's truncheon? Thanks.
For two of the items, you need to have found the camera.
The other two items are a lot closer than you think :dizzy_wink:
Just running around for hours again, like before the funny chest opening.
Don't run around too much, you don't want your clothes getting sweaty! :dizzy_wink:
39 bonks, but there is no camera, nowhere :...(
Yes there is! Where, in the game, would you expect there to be a camera?
Hi there. I'm new one on this forum.

I need some help. So .. how to open chest in magic shop ? I've got 100 point, some coins, jewellery, maroon teleporter, wooden spoon, crowbar, obsidian statue, machete, big chopper, pickaxe, diamonds.
Zibi - half of this thread gives cryptic clues as to how to open Grandad's Easter Egg chest. I must have posted nearly 70 clues myself :dizzy_wink:
It will only open for people who have not been as good at the game as you I am afraid - you obviously did what I did initially in doing all you can to collect as many points as possible, so well done for that, but I sadly that is your undoing. You will need something spikey to help you out.

Sorry Grandad, I have run out of double-entendres for clues now :( so bite me and I'll bite back! :v2_dizzy_biggrin:
Thx Frogandhat. I've got it. :D, yeeah ... position :D
What! You got that on first(ish) guess!!! Me & Sparkles took forever to get that (hence Frogman's 50 clues) - must be our pure minds :v2_dizzy_biggrin:
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