GO! Dizzy GO! HARD

Collect the fruit. Save the day.
The final version of GO Dizzy GO hack is at last here!
Aim of the hack is to increase difficulty level of gameplay.Hardcores will be happy now :)
Biggest news in this version is all new levels and bonus levels.
There's a hidden tricks in some levels to make game a little easier.Like moving box,so item can appear(items can't appear in block).
Here's a changes log:
-Enemies wake up 25% faster.
-Decreased immobility time after being hit by enemy by 50%
-Increased invisibility time after being hit by enemy
-Dizzy walking speed increased by 15%
-Teleport in 1-1teleport you to 1-2
-Teleport in 2-3 teleport you back to 2-1
-changed text after using teleport in 2-3

-Return to original dizzy speed.
-In some "?" blocks text was changed.
-Changed level names.
-New levels!
-New Bonuses!
-Changed secrets...
-...And button need you to press in order to activate them.
-Enemies in 5-5 have best AI now...
-...and overclocked speed.
-Little changes in dropping items table.

It's last version of hack(I'll make 1.0+ if there's some thing need to fix)Great Thanks to Siloucos for making great,hard and funny Dozy world levels and bonuses.
I also need to thank Micrus for creating WinGDG,without it this version of hack wouldn't have new levels and bonuses!

Ok,now you can take a look on screenshots:

And here's download:
IPS Patch:

RUP Patch:

Also,I have prepared additional patches version.
They changing music a little(speed and instruments used).I gave then in separate patches,because maybe someone want to play GDG HARD in original music.

IPS Patch:

RUP Patch:

And for lazy peoples here's already patched roms:

Normal GDG HARD:

GDG HARD WIth modified music:

If you decide to patch a rom,then use Quattro arcade [!].nes

looks interesting. What about doing a hack of CJ's elephant antics?

Why not?But I won't start looking for data if I don't find someone RELIABLE to make editor using that data.

I like both Go Dizzy(I prefer NES version) and CJ antics.
You said you have lots of data about dizzy games,maybe, by chance, you have something about CJ?
Ahhh,and I tried this hack.
It's too hard to get farther than 3 world... :rolleyes:
Anyother hack will be created?
Sorry for...umm, very long response time.
Yes, I plan to make another hack when Armacoder and I finish WinGDG(Go Dizzy Go editor) and it's function for GDG Expand ROM.Expand will give a variety of options like changing graphics, paletes and even(still not sure..) music!
About CJ-It's pretty problematic, Levels have compression, graphics have compression, and enemies format is strange.
With this, I don't plan any hack of CJ.
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