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Highest score possible for the Amiga, ST or PC version?

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 2:46 am
by MJongo
I just finished a playthrough on the Amiga version and got this:


I found two secret rooms with tons of gems and at least two individual items were hidden behind scenery (you can barely make them out). Did I miss something, and is there a higher score possible? I'm pretty sure the Amiga, ST, and PC versions are 99% identical (the only difference I noticed is the score and coins in the status bar do not flash in the PC version, but all the items and puzzles seem to be the same). Also, is there any use for the Bottle of Whiskey/Empty Bottle? Thanks.

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 7:27 am
by Adz.M
The whiskey just makes you drunk, Dizzy rolls all over the place if he drinks it :p

I never completed the Amiga version seeing as I had trouble with a coin.

Y'know the coin where Dylan is, where abouts is it exactly? I can't jump on the branches on that version.

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 5:22 pm
by MJongo
The coin is in a different spot in the Amiga, ST, and PC versions.


Couldn't be easier :)

The Large Oak Tree coin

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:02 pm
by Jinxie
The coin is behind the clump of leaves on the left. If you stand on the very edge of the grassy lump you can reach it from there. :v2_dizzy_happy:

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:08 am
by Bag of Magic Food
What was the score, 245700? I think I remember seeing that, either in your screenshot or when I had a lucky streak and finished the game for the first time with all bonus items without ever dying. (This is why I started a habit of describing what's in the images I post, just in case image hosting goes down.)
MJongo wrote:Also, is there any use for the Bottle of Whiskey/Empty Bottle?
Don't think so. Once I tried saving it to bring to Daisy at the end to celebrate, but that didn't do anything.

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:27 pm
by MJongo
Yes, it was 245700