Some Spectrum graphics from Rindex (~1996 year):
Meph wrote:
:shocked: what's going on? what happened?

Something like a stroke.
He did not have a wife or children. His father and mother died a few years ago. There was only a brother.
Rindex gave a lot of time to the Spectrum and Dizzy.
Rindex R.I.P. 23.07.2017 at the age of 40.
Grandad, why do you have so many games with sexual and other perversions?
Noggin the Nog wrote:
Yes, could you take the link down please.

I delete it, but the link remains in your message.
People should have the right to choose.
I enjoy when I play whithout evil Dizzy.
In addition, it is still free software, partly of the work of other people.
If you want, I'll remove the link to cheated game)
I noticed the Russian players completed the game by turning off the Evil Dizzy. I'd like to play this game as it looks beautiful, like Noggin's previous games - but I really can't be ****ed coping with the evil Dizzy! I see there's no option to turn him off in the menu, so could this be enabled in ...
And Dr Titus, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I didn't use trz's smooth scrolling code because I wanted Dizzy to stay in the centre of the screen, the better to see the evil dizzy coming. It's my scrolling, not trz) Scrolling has flexible settings. Tracking for the Dizzy can be accelerated.
We are (russian funclub) completed the game on Hard difficulty, but with a disabled evil dizzy (ups, sorry).

Game is very, very nice and cute!

Is a pity that you have not used smooth scrolling.
And last...

3) Element 373 - It's NOT a coffe) It's russian Battery)

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