Nice one :) . Do you know what Winzip does that's special? On a few occasions I was almost tricked into buying it because I thought I needed it to zip/unzip files, forgetting that Windows can do this just fine. And the new Windows bugged me because it kept asking me what program I wanted to use to ...

I'm working on another project at the moment, which is in the final phase. If you visit the CPCwiki forum you'll know what it is. Once that's finished I have ideas for the final game in my Dizzy Zaks' Return Trilogy, which I hope to get done in time for the contest.

It was a good year for Dizzy. Thanks for making my game the April highlight. I was hoping to get a sequel/conclusion done but my laptop broke and my desktop isn't fit for purpose so I'm kind of stuck if/until I get a new one. Which kind of sucks because I have a non-Dizzy project in hiatus too. Hope...

On the download page:

Please contact us about problems, suggestions, thoughts or anything else. Previous versions of the engine can be provided on request.

Theres a contact form on this page:

Expensive too, but most kickstarters are.

They appear on ebay at times, but when they do its usually a joker selling them at £7+ each. There's no way I'd pay that much.

I am in a similar predicament to you, I am also missing 2 cards - Daisy and Dylan and haven't managed to find them at a resonable price yet.

oh that's a bit disappointing, On the Lets play video they said it only had 30 levels, maybe it was only the Spectrum that never had an ending? Oh, I don't know. It would be a lot more disappointing if the game just repeated the levels. At least flipping them upside down increases the variety, in e...

Thanks for this, please do Treasure Island Dizzy! I'm not overly familiar with that game, and never had the patience to attempt to finish it.


Now, its time for Dizzy to set off on his round the world trip. Have fun playing cricket on the deck. You should report his further adventures.

Treasure Island Dizzy now?
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