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060322 YM Songs lots of YM music files from Z80 or AMSTRAD games, ready to use in DizzyAGE (324KB)
070916 Dizzy tiles colored Dizzy tiles set, to use in more colorful games - just replace the old ones. (17KB)
090316 Yolkfolk tiles 1 Yolfolk characters: Daisy, Denzil, Dora, Dozy, Dylan, Grand Dizzy - by Colin Page. (39KB)
090316 Yolkfolk tiles 2 Yolfolk characters: Daisy, Denzil, Dylan - by Andy Mason (macon). (22KB)
090701 Dizzy tiny Small Dizzy tiles - by Jamie Douglas. (3KB)

Here are a few usefull tools that can easy your game creation process.

AY and YM player and converter by Sergey Bulba. Visit his website for the latest version. (731KB)
YM player by Arnaud Carré.
Visit his website for the latest version. (129KB)

Adobe Photoshop This is a very popular graphic editor. And a very good one too!
The Gimp A free graphic editor, ported from Linux. Working with alpha channels can be quite challenge...
ACDSee An images viewer.
IrfanView Free images viewer.
UltraEdit Text editor, that can use syntax highlight.
SciTE Free text editor, that can use syntax highlight.
Audacity Free audio editor, that can save OGG and MP3.
Total Commander Files manager, far better than Windows Explorer. It can also work with zip files.

If you have resources that could be added here,
like songs, tiles, scripts or anything useful, please contact us.