"Treasure Tomb Dizzy"
by Jamie Douglas (delta)



Dizzy and Grand Dizzy have gone treasure hunting in a far off land. Dizzy falls into a valley and needs Grand Dizzys help to get out, but thats as much as Grand Dizzy can manage, so Dizzy must go on alone...
Dizzy needs your help to guide him through his adventure, find the treasure, and get it back safely. 


This is Jamie's third DizzyAGE game, without a save option and just as dangerous as the game "Rick Dangerous". 

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Treasure Tomb Dizzy v1.23
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Game map



(from www.dizzystories.co.uk):

• Give the Ear Trumpet to Grand Dizzy

• Use the Rope on the trees over the Swamp

• Use the Tweezers on the Eagle

• Use the Eagle Feather on Dozy

• Give the Miners Helmet to Grand Dizzy

• Use the Scroll on the Pyramid Entrance

• Hold the Umbrella to stop the drops hurting

• use the 'Hide and Seek' Book on the rolling rock

• Hold the Pharaoh Eye to get past the crushing block

• Use the Dagger on the rope

• Use the Rug on the spikes

• Use the Scroll on the sliding blocks past the spikes

• Give the Suncream to Dozy

• Use the Potion before the egg crusher

• Use the rope on the hole

• Give the three Treasure to Grand Dizzy

Treasure locations

(from www.dizzystories.co.uk):

Room Name ~ How to get it

- 0.2 tall cliff

- 0.4 underhang ~ behind plant

- 1.2 tree tops

- 1.3 welcome to the jungle!

- 1.4 a damp cave

- 3.4 edge of the jungle

- 4.4 rocky ground

- 7.3 climbing the pyramid

- 7.4 can you get in?

- 8.3 r.i.p. dizzy ~ access from ‘which way to go?’

- 8.4 heading down

- 9.2 a big jump

- 10.3 falling rock

- 10.5 run away! but carefully.

- 11.2 suspended walkway

- 11.3 a tricky bridge

- 11.4 an eye for an eye ~ behind eye

- 11.5 jumping around

- 12.2 room of death

- 12.3 mind the gap

- 13.3 deep in the pyramid

- 13.5 don’t jump…

- 13.6 did you jump?

- 13.6 did you jump? ~ behind torch handle

- 13.7 be careful…

- 14.2 anyone for omelette? ~ behind rug

- 14.3 rats like eating eggs… ~ access from ‘another falling rock’

- 14.4 some steps

- 14.6 intruder deterrent

- 14.8 end of the line?

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