"Game Hopping Dizzy"
by Steve Rennie (Grandad)


Updated to v1.2 - 13th March 2020


For their anniversary, Daisy has booked and paid for a weekend of good food, drink and pampering at the Hotel Posh and expects a diamond ring from Dizzy as an anniversary present.
She has also asked Grandad to give the game a little extra twist so that Dizzy has to use all of his skills as an adventurer to be able to buy the diamond ring and get to the Hotel.


Save often!
Some 'things' kill Dizzy and he loses a life, other things give him a score of minus one every time he touches them.
In general, spikes and mechanical stuff kill Dizzy and insects, birds, fish etc make him lose points.
Stars give a score of plus two points ...but there aren't very many of them.
Lose three lives or get a score of minus 250 and it's game over.
Use action/return to enter doorways etc and arrow keys to drive the mine cart.
Dizzy has got slightly fatter pockets so he can normally carry up to 5 items.

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Game Hopping Dizzy v1.2
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