"Fishy Business"
by Steve Rennie (Grandad)


Updated to v1.2 - 18th July 2019


What story line?
Dizzy has to find 100 fish for Dora's picnic.


Dizzy cannot die, get hurt or get stuck.
This is a voyage of discovery, so players should check everywhere for hidden areas and secrets.
There are subtle clues and hints hidden all over the game...even a solution to the slider puzzle.
Press action/return to enter doors, pipes etc.
In certain situations such as clinging to a ledge, pressing the arrow keys will allow Dizzy to move in that direction when possible.
Tapping the arrow key is better than pressing down hard when going up or down.
Dizzy can only carry 4 items, but you'll wish his pockets were bigger.

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Fishy Business v1.2
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