"Myst...ified Dizzy"
by Steve Rennie (Grandad)


Updated to v1.1 - 5th November 2018


Dizzy & Daisy are having a nice picnic, but his adventuring skills are required for a mission on various worlds.

Let's hope he completes it successfully or Daisy will not be impressed and we all know she has a Ph.D in mockery and scorn.


Dizzy can carry up to four items.
Press 'action' to enter doorways etc.
Bonus Points:
There are extra puzzles that are not essential to completing the game but will earn you bonus points; some involving clever or complicated gameplay.
You don't have to complete the bonus puzzles, but if you finish the game with fewer than 100 bonus points, Daisy will mock and scorn.

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Myst...ified Dizzy v1.1
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