"Property Ladder Dizzy"
by Steve Rennie (Grandad)



Dizzy refused to let Daisy join the yolkfolk lottery syndicate saying it was a total waste of money.

The next week the yolkfolk won the jackpot and have all bought huts in the 'Loadsamoney' luxury treehut development, leaving Dizzy and Daisy living in the slowly decaying downtown tree complex.
Daisy is really annoyed at Dizzy and has gone off to stay with Annie until Dizzy buys a luxury hut for them to live in.
Help Dizzy to beg, steal or borrow more money than most of us will ever see in the whole of our lives.


As usual in my games, use 'action' to enter doorways etc and the up arrow to climb.
There are no hidden coins or secret passageways so you don't have to spend ages examining every bit of scenery or trying to walk through every wall.

There's even a special room to store all your unused items.

You can't die or get hurt in this game, but you can get frustrated at not knowing what to do next, especially as in a lot of cases you have to be holding a specific item in your inventory for a response to happen rather than the 'inventory menu' opening for you to try everything you're holding ...ha ha ha!!

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Property Ladder Dizzy v1.01
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