"Dizzy vs. Dizzy"
by Simon Rice (Noggin the Nog)



The Evil Mirror Dizzy has returned, and this time he means business!
Race your doppleganger to the top of the Tower of Silence and send him back to the mirror universe before he traps you there himself.


-- Race the Evil Dizzy to the top of the castle and collect the magic sceptre.
-- You have infinite lives. You win the game by collecting the sceptre.
-- You lose the game if the Evil Dizzy gets there first.
-- Solve the puzzles to build your score and clear the way to the top.
-- The Evil Dizzy can do everything you can do. He can solve puzzles, collect coins, score points.
-- Fight the Evil Dizzy by jumping (forwards) onto his head. This will stun him and make him drop his items.
-- The Evil Dizzy also has infinite lives. Don't waste time fighting him over and over.
Instead, race ahead and solve the puzzles.
-- The Evil Dizzy starts out weak, but gets stronger as the game progresses.
You can dodge him by ducking and rolling with the down key.
-- Finally, you must keep your score as high as possible. If the Evil Dizzy outscores you, he will become harder and harder to beat.

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Dizzy vs. Dizzy v1.1
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