"Dizzy XII - Dizzy Underground (DizzyAGE Remake)"
by VK007



Dizzy quietly flew in the rocket.
More precisely, he slept after acceptance on a breast of two tubes of the cream of wheat which is carefully prepared by pupils of the Skilful Hands circle.
Dreamed him as he watched TV on which there was an Our Heroes program. There he was given a prize as to the best astronaut of Yolkfolk'a …
And suddenly the rocket has squabbed something, Dizzy has jumped up on a bed and has fallen to a floor. Then he has swept to the next window. "There is no zero gravity", – Dizzy has thought and has understood: "I have landed!!!!!"
And with these words he has beaten out himself a window and has taken off outside.
"Yes, a soft posadochka", – I have given Dizzy, rubbing a hand the hurt back. Having looked round, he was surprised: here everything was as on his homeland: juicy green grass, white fluffy clouds and rocket. It has set Dizzy thinking, he didn't fall to the Ground again...
Generally, Dizzy should find for all family, to make everyone happy, and by the spaceship to depart from this unclear planetka, having undermined her to devils. 


This is a DizzyAGE Remake of the Spectrum fan game by Gogin. 

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Dizzy XII (DizzyAGE Remake) v1.12
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This game was voted 3 times, scoring 4.6 out of 5.


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