"Sunken Castle Dizzy"
by Simon Rice (Noggin the Nog)



The Yolkfolk are out exploring the caves down by the beach, when Dizzy slips and falls down a deep crevasse.
Far underground, with the sea rushing in from above, can he escape the haunted cavern before he runs out of air? 


The scuba gear has a limited supply of oxygen. You can conserve it by taking it on and off.
There are three difficulty levels which differ in the number of hazards, the speed at which the water rises and the oxygen level of the scuba gear.
There are 20 diamonds to collect. You haven't really finished the game until you've found them all in hard mode. 

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Sunken Castle Dizzy v1.3
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This game was voted 12 times, scoring 4.5 out of 5.


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