"Father Diz"
by Andrew Goulding (AndyG)



Father Diz hates his life at Creggy Island Pa-yolkial House. (Thanks.)
When a certain nudie priest disturbs his sleep late one dreadful night, it's the final bit of the straw. Basically, there's no straw left.
He simply MUST escape!
But first will be the small matter of getting past Bishop Hennan (thanks again), and repairing his car....


This is a small game at only 25 rooms, so a seasoned Father Ted fan should breeze through it!
However, if you've never seen the show, or if you're just stuck, Mrs Boiled will give you hints on most items.
-- Some items are useless.
-- The crocodile can be safely crossed when his mouth is closed.
-- There are 20 cigarettes to find, and some are hidden quite fiendishly!
-- There is nothing hidden behind the Mystic Horse! Don't waste your time :).
-- The Bishop is scared of rabbits....

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Father Diz v1.2
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