"Tycoon Dizzy"
by Andrew Goulding (AndyG)



Oh no!
Our hero has made some bad investments, fallen victim to various phishing scams and Ponzi schemes, run afoul of the taxman and is completely bankrupt!
He tried turning to the Yolkfolk for help but they were too old, sleepy, ditzy, deaf, stoned, kidnapped to be of any assistance.
He was evicted from his home and thrown in debtor's jail. Luckily, he has already proven himself a master jail-get-out-of-er.
This will be just the beginning, however, for Dizzy has dreams of bouncing back and becoming the richest landowner this world has ever seen! 


This is Andrew's first DizzyAGE game. 

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Tycoon Dizzy v1.1
12.49Mb downloaded 15818 times

This game was voted 10 times, scoring 4.6 out of 5.


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