"Enchanting Day Dizzy"
by Matt Lee (Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk)



Dizzy was made to stop at the lodge on his own whilst Daisy made a retreat to another.
What has Dizzy done this time? How is he going to make it up to Daisy?
Perhaps taking her some flowers, well not just any flowers will do it this time.
Dizzy is going to have to take her the most special and beautiful ones that can be found in the land.
Maybe if he can find the Enchanting Garden he can pick Daisy some enchanting flowers of exceptional and extraordinary beauty. 


This game was an entry in the 2014 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, it came 3rd place. 

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Enchanting Day Dizzy v1.02
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This game was voted 13 times, scoring 4.0 out of 5.


Head away from the lodge, speak to the tree.  Go to the ledge by the prickly fauna 
and action the message. Return and descend the two way steps, go across the lava 
blowholes and obtain the screwdriver.
Use this to open the grate by the spikes.  Obtain the Cross of Afterlife at end of the 
spider crossing and give to the Guardian Statue. Go back over the lava blowholes, 
speak to Dalton. 
Drop down the shaft.  Obtain the Amulet of Souls and place this in the pure waters 
to left of the West Praying Building.  Drop down the enchanting opening and obtain 
an enchanting eye. 
Take it to the bridge and position in the centre to get energised by the suns rays.  
Pick up the now pulsating enchanting eye and go back down the shaft and position 
to the statue. 
Speak to Dozy.  Action by the narrow passage on the way back up.  
Go speak to DizzyBelle resting by the pure waters. 
Go speak to Junior back near the lodge and then meet back up with him by the passage. 
Speak again and he will crawl through and wait for you on the other side of the prickly
Obtain the rope and throw it over to be tied by junior at the other end making secure for
crossing. Obtain the corrosive substance and pour it on the rotting floor by Dozy, now
cleared from the spikes. 
Obtain the small bag of stones and use this to cross over the quicksand and obtain the 
scroll of enchantment.  Place into the pure waters to the left of the East Prayer Building. 
This enables a full crossing over the skeletal pit of souls.  Obtain the empty bottle and 
drop down the enchanting opening.  Speak to Denzil.  Enter the tunnel to enchanting garden 
Fill the empty bottle in the mineral cavern. Speak to Dylan and then Dora who will give 
you a cookie jar. Take to the refreshment keeper and then obtain the lemonade juice and 
give to junior to quench his first and give the cookie jar with the cookies to DizzyBelle 
who was wanting some goodies from earlier. 
Obtain respectively the 'what is this item?' and some cotton wool.  Take the 'what is this item' 
to Dalton who uses it to fix the pendulum on the clock and obtain the hammer.  
Take the cotton wool and give to Dozy for his ears to protect him from the sounds, he leaves 
you in return a bit of old rag. 
Give the old rag to Denzil who leaves using it to clean his new tablet device and leaves 
behind a snack he hasn't had (a bag of crisps).  Return to the screen where Dalton is and 
use the hammer to break the stone slab, give the packet of crisps as a snack to the peckish 
hideaway in the tomb passage. 
Obtain the dagger and give to Dylan so he can cut the colour petals of the large tree he 
wants at his leisure.  He gives you a record he picked up earlier, collect all remaining records 
and give to the keeper so you can now pass.
Talk to Daisy initially then go collect the spatula and the extendable ladder.  Use the spatula 
to reach inside the trees mouth near the other lodge and fish out a key. 
Use the key to enter the enchanting garden, obtain the enchanting flowers.  Make your way 
back to the skeletal pit of souls and position the extendable ladder up against the ledge. 
You can now walk up this and across the pit, make your way back to Daisy. 
Give her the enchanting flowers and complete the game.
Well Done !! 

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