"Dizzy - Night at the Museum"
by trz



Many years have passed since Dizzy, thanks to his wit and courage, has defeated the evil wizard Zaks and threw his ring into the volcano's throat, hoping this would end his evil plans once and for all, but...
Theodore the magician couldn't warn Dizzy that he'd better not do that since Zaks's ring is indestructible, and the only way to dispose of it would be either hiding it somewhere or protecting it with the magic spells - these are
the laws of the magic world!
Meanwhile, Rockwart has been trying to find the ring to get all the powers Zaks had. For this, he even digged up more earth than the King's workers did when they were building a mine. No one knows how much time he spent on his searches, but nevertheless, they were a success. Despite that, Rockwart didn't know how to use the ring, which led Zaks's soul on loose...
The first thing the undead Zaks did was sending Dizzy into the far, far future, so no one could interfere the evil wizard's plans...

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Dizzy - Night at the Museum v2.21
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