"Enlightening Times Dizzy"
by Matt Lee (Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk)



Great Grand Dizzy with his ripe old age has been placed in the hospice for his last days.  
However, It's the 'Yolkfolk Solstice' in the village of Kelwater.
Assist Junior and DizzyBelle to collect all the light crystals, harnessing the power of light with the discovery of an encryption on an ancient monument and to ultimately discover the 'ring of life' to extend the years of Great Grand Dizzy.  


This game was an entry in the 2012 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 1st place. 

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Enlightening Times Dizzy v1.03
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This game was voted 16 times, scoring 4.5 out of 5.


Obtain the crowbar and use on the grate to enter the underground. 
Speak to Grandad Dalton enquiring about the encryption monument.
Speak back with DizzyBelle who then open the shutter on the gate.
Speak again with DizzyBelle & enter the hospice.
Speak to the carer then obtain the letter of permission from Daisy. 
Give the letter to the carer and pass through to see Gt Grand Dizzy.
Speak to Gt Grand Dizzy then return to get advice & help from Dalton.
Dalton (Grandad) gives you a book of family photos.
Take the book and show Gt Grand Dizzy a picture of Dorinda to comfort him so he starts to talk.
After he explains about the monument you place the book in his table draws and find some pliers.
Use the pliers on the jammed switch to move the lift between the underground chambers.
Obtain the rolled up rubber foam.  Use on the green mushroom to beable to bounce across by the lagoon.
Speak to Dizzy.
Obtain the jar of wax and use to losen the seal on the cave water fountain to turn it on. 
Climb the water fountain now shooting out.
Speak to Dozy.
Speak to the troll.  Obtain him a banana from the bunch on the west embankment of the tribal temple.
Obtain the castle key.
Look through the telescope.  Speak to the dishelleved man who's balloon it is. 
He will give you a knife so you can cut the tethered rope and release the balloon. 
Ride it to the castle. Use the key to enter the castle.
Obtain the empty basket getting past the prickly creature (used later)
Speak to Denzil.  Obtain the handle. On the statues of firelight screen action between the stones to get a message. 
You require 2 items of anti-freeze to freeze the water (later acquired). Return out of the castle.
Drop onto the cloud beneath the castle & onto the tribal temple roof.  Obtain the aqualung.
Return and enter the water in the underground. Obtain some high railing in the lower creek. Use this as a ladder to beable to climb out of the water placing it left of the crab up to the sandy part.
Attach & use the handle to wind the generator.  This now gives you a quick return to above ground using the lift instead of the stairs at the west side of the underground.
Speak to Dylan.
Obtain the sellotape.  Push the bridge down so can jump the gap by the miniwaterfall.  Give the sellotape to Denzil to repair his pocket. He let's you borrow his hand held games console.  Give this to the Solstice Manor guy to keep him entertained & from getting bored, it has 3 games on it and he goes by things in three's.
He lets you have a chest.  Use this to stand on the walkway path in the village where it was questionable was the upper ladder reachable next to Kelwaters defence.
Climb up & obtain the red rustic key and some clover.  Return to the underground, collect the yellow rustic key.
Give the clover to Dylan to make him feel lucky. He talks to his coloured petal friends, you can now walk on the top ones to reach the hanging reed.  Climb up, place the yellow key to the lock then the red key to it's.  They start to move the platforms on the waterfall to the left.  Ride these to the other side.
Obtain the bag of fast setting cement.  Do the cannon ball run to the end and empty the cement over the skeleton pit to make a hard surface to walk on and reach the other side.
Obtain the Poker.  Return to the lava pit where the stones are stacked up crossing the waterfall on the moving platforms again.
Use the poker to dislodge the stones.  This now blocks the lava blowout on the surface. 
Return to the cave water fountain and you can now pass.
Activate the short cuts:-
Pull the ledge up by the hanging reed so you can use to access the underground below from it. 
Use the cave key to unlock the cave gate for quick access to the village and back.
Obtain & position the red diamond under the monument on the diamonds of light screen.
Obtain the winding key and use to lower the Kelwater Defence Bridge.
Drop down the other side and turn left, make your way to the small ledge.
Do a "leap of faith" jump to the right.  This gets you across the dangerous pit.
Use the pit key to unlock the door.  Speak to Dora. Use the saw to cut through the large branch above the pit, drop the branch over the pit for a shortcut across.
Drop over the edge back to the other side of the pit and make your way back around over the kelwater defence bridge.  This time when dropping down the ladder go right.
Speak to Dora and give her the empty basket obtained from the castle earlier.
She will fill the basket of baked goodies. Give this to Dizzy. He will give you a chisel washed ashore on the beach.
Use the chisel on the loose masonry in the castle where the small fountains are. 
Make your way up.  Drop down on the plinth where you need to raise the column by weight transfer.  A hanging weight is hanging aloft a few screens away but you can't reach it. 
Go back out the castle and speak to sister Dizzybelle needing her help asking her to stand on the plinth.  Back to the castle and going over her head you can now climb the raised column.
Ring the top bell.  Drop back down and obtain the lowered the weight.
This makes a grinding noise of the large blade retracting. It startles Dizzbelle who comes running to you.  Check she is ok, she retreats to a more relaxing environment then place the weight on the plinth where she was standing. This permanently raising the column.
Climb back up and collect the blue diamond and the freezing agent.  Use the freezing agent on the right fountain to freeze it thus stopping the firelight.
Collect the green rustic key from the west summit in the castle.
Place the blue diamond in position. Speak to Dora again and get the blue rustic key.  Place both keys to the locks to start the bottom waterfall platforms.
Ride these and obtain the flippers and the other freezing agent.  Return to the castle to freeze the other fountain & stop the other firelight.  Obtain the orange diamond. 
Use the flippers to obtain the gold medallion & the green diamond.  Place the last diamonds in position and the stone blocks are now raised in the underground and you can pass underneath them to the other side.
Climb up on the mask display and onto the chandeliers to reach the other side. Press the button to retract a platform over the lava so can get back.
Place the gold medallion to the golden skull plinth.  Continue up and into the lower stairwell. 
Obtain the meeting quarters key and use this to enter that room.  Obtain the small cross.
Use the small cross to enter the underwater cave, on the lock grate at the bottom of the waterfall.  Make sure you are wearing your flippers when you do so.
Drop down and enter the glowing archway.
Climb up & avoid all the dangers & obstacles. Obtain the feather accessory and place to the tribal kings grave.  You will be granted tribal status.
Enter the tribes temple.  Obtain the sleeping pill.  Give the sheet music to the right tribesman and the cleaning fluid to the flute player.
They will play a musical ditty which will reveal the enlightening scroll.
Read the words from the scroll over the enlightening monument and it will move aside. 
Give the sleeping pill to Dozy, he give you the hammer.
Use the hammer on the wood chopping base to make a ladder.
Lean the ladder against the barrels in the lower chamber in the underground.
Climb up, collect all remaining light crystals.
Give all the 50 light crystals to the Guardian of Light.  He will let you pass.
Collect the last yellow diamond, place to the middle plinth under the monument.
The solstice sun will now travel down the channel with it's light and radiate between all the diamonds.
All the stones of light will now be lit and the Enlightening Key will appear.
Collect the key from on top of the stones and use on the door of life.
Ask Dizzybelle for help again, you will find her relaxing in the peaceful setting near the cemetery.
She will once again stand on the pressure base to retract the spikes so you can safety crossover.
Collect the ring of life, return with Dizzybelle to see Gt Grand Dizzy in the hospice.
Give him the ring of life to prolong his health and you've completed the game.
Watch the Credits.
Well Done !! 

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