"Mystic Forest Dizzy"
by Jamie Douglas (delta)



It's a beautiful sunny day, and Dizzy and the Yolkfolk are playing in the shallow water at the top of Alto Waterfall.
Suddenly Daisy gets too close to the edge while playing with Pogie the Fluffle, and is swept over! Dizzy dives after her, almost cracking his shell on rocks at the bottom, and is swept up on the shores of Lake Inferior, where a Lifeguard immediately declares the lake off-limits!
Wandering around, Dizzy finds himself in an unfamiliar and eerie forest, with no sign of Daisy, and no obvious way back.
Help Dizzy to make sense of his new surroundings, find Daisy, and get back home to sort that Fluffle out!  


This time introduces many interesting options and features, and the whole game also uses real time.
This game was also an entry in the 2011 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 1st place. 
(Notes from Jamie)
I've been working on this game since last May, and it was completable around about September last year. I've used the time since to polish it, and polish it, and add detail, and polish it some more, and add more detail, and yet more detail, etc etc, until I ended up with the game you see here.
There are so many many many options and easter eggs and little graphical touches in this game that I've almost lost track of them all. Some things you may never be aware of, or you'll only notice after days of playing it. Others you'll spot straight away. If you do spot something, let others know, so that they can see it too!
One thing I will say is that you should definitely check out all the menu options, as there are a lot. So many, in fact, that I had to give the 'music' options their own menu, as they no longer fitted into the 'options' menu! The game has a lot of things which are different to normal Dizzy games (the character tiles for example), however there are menu options to change virtually everything back to normal should you wish to.
Regarding items, you'll be pleased to hear that there is only 1 'red herring' item. There are a number of items that hide stars, however these generally have no other use. Some of the normal items can also be used elsewhere to gain points.
Finally a word on the game itself. It's not too big a map, but it's jam-packed full of puzzles. I said the map is the same size as Magic Star Dizzy (which was pretty packed itself!), and yet there's 50% more puzzles in Mystic Forest Dizzy than there was in Magic Star Dizzy. You'll find that some puzzles can only be solved at certain 'times', however if this really annoys or frustrates you, I can't really stop you from 'cheating' (all will become clear!).
Thanks go to Mat Cooper (Mataeus) for giving valuable feedback, 'Joe' for giving me the idea of cute Dizzy characters, and as always, to Alex Simion for creating DizzyAGE.

Release Date:




Mystic Forest Dizzy v1.02
9.14Mb downloaded 15818 times

This game was voted 9 times, scoring 4.6 out of 5.


Game map



(from www.dizzystories.co.uk): 


• Use the Duster to dust the Oil Lamp - Genie appears

• Use the Ship's wheel on the Nelson Memorial - get a Telescope

• Give the Telescope to the Accomplice - get a Swimming Certificate

• Give the Swimming Certificate to the Lifeguard - get past Lifeguard

• Use the Boulder on the Lift - get past Lift

• Use the Secateurs on the Fruit Tree - get Fruit

• Give Fruit to the Genie - get a Save Scroll

• Give the Bar Key to the Barman (outdoors) - get Bucks Fizz

(DAY ONLY) Give Bucks Fizz to Denzil - get Some Gears

• Use Gears to fix the clock on the clock tower - get past Clockmaker

• Use the Lighter on the Scientist's fire

(DAY ONLY) Use the Venus Fly Trap on Bees Nest - Get the Bee Sting

• Give the Lock Pick to the Shopkeeper (outside the shop)

• Use the Rope on Bottle - get Message in a Bottle

(NIGHT ONLY) Give the Message in a Bottle to Denzil - get a Tin of Paint

• Use the Tin of Paint on the Eggman - get the Cellar Key

(NIGHT ONLY) Use the Cellar Key on the Cellar Trapdoor

• Use the Jug in water - get a Jug of Water

• Use the Barrel on the Lake - get past the Lake

(NIGHT ONLY) Use Fruit on Fruit Bats - get up the waterfall

• Use Door Knocker on Jacob Marley grave - get a Blanket

• Give Blanket to the Scientist - uses it over fire - Get past Scientist

• Use the Jug of Water on the Scientist's fire - Get Hot Embers

• Give Hot Embers to Pip the Blacksmith - Get Sword 

(NIGHT ONLY) Use the Sword on the Dragon - get past the Dragon 

• Use the Fishing Net at Verdant Falls - get a Fish 

(NIGHT ONLY) Give the Fish to the Bear - get past the Bear 

• Get the Wallet and walk past Oliver Twist's Grave - get a Handkerchief 

• Give the Handkerchief to the Accomplice - get an empty crate 

• Use the Crate on Dozy - get Dozy in a Crate 

• Give Dozy in a Crate to Daisy - get a Parrot 

(NIGHT ONLY) Give the Parrot to the Pirate in the Bar - get some Gruel 

• Use the Gruel on Oliver Twist's grave - get the Wallet back 

(NIGHT ONLY) Use Wallet to buy Drink from the bar - get a Drink 

• Give the Bar Drink to Grand Dizzy 

• Use the Bee Sting on Grand Dizzy's Drink - get a Big Horn 

• Give the Big Horn to General Armstrong Custer - get some Knotted Rope 

(NIGHT ONLY) Give the Knotted Rope to the Ghost - get Ghost's Bargain 

• Give the Ghost's Bargain to the Haunted Man - get a Corkscrew 

(NIGHT ONLY) Give the Corkscrew to the Barman - Get a Bowl 

• Use the Bowl on the Lonely Goldfish - get Goldfish Bowl 

• Give the Goldfish Bowl to Dora - get the Water Element

(NIGHT ONLY) Use the Climbing Rope on the Hook near the Cave-in 

(DAY ONLY) Give the Wallet to the Shopkeeper - get a Fine Pen 

• Use the Fine Pen on the Edwin Drood Grave - get the Fire Element 

• Use the Fire Element on the Plato Clock Tower 

• Use the Earth Element on the Plato Clock Tower 

• Use the Air Element on the Plato Clock Tower 

• Use the Water Element on Plato Clock Tower - Get a Greek Gift 

• Use the Greek Gift on the Trojan's Grave - get Playing Cards 

(NIGHT ONLY) Give Playing Cards to the Shopkeeper - get Paper Towels 

• Use the Roll of Paper Towels on the Diving Board - get a Snorkel 

• Use the Snorkel in the Lake - get a Fishing Rod 

• Give the Fishing Rod to Dylan - get Glue Dissolver

• Use the Glue Dissolver on the Skull Candle - get a Skull Candle 

• Give the Skull Candle to the Shopkeeper at the Grave - get Shop Key 

• Use the Shop Key on the Shop Door 

• Use the Metal Detector to find all the Stars 

• Give all the Stars to the Miner - get the Pickaxe 

• Use the Pickaxe on the Cave-in - finish game 

Star locations

(from www.dizzystories.co.uk):


Room Name ~ How to get it

- 1.4 Fallen Rock

- 2.4 The Hungry Bear

- 2.5 Cave of Skulls 

- 3.4 Here Be Dragons ~ Behind Limestone Rock 

- 3.6 A Small Rock Pool ~ Behind Limestone Rock 

- 4.5 Base of the Waterfall 

- 5.5 Middle of the Lake 

- 5.6 Bottom of Lake Inferior 

- 6.5 Lake Inferior 

- 6.6 Watery Overhang 

- 7.4 Caution, Wet Platforms! 

- 7.5 Near the Water's Edge ~ Behind Pile of Leaves 

- 8.5 Stranded in the Forest 

- 9.4 The Eggman and the nest 

- 9.5 Ancient Foundations ~ Behind Stone Block 

- 10.4 The Lookout Platform ~ In the Tree 

- 11.5 Grave of the Defeated 

- 12.4 A Strange Lamp 

- 12.5 Hole in the Ground ~ Behind Logs 

- 12.6 The Games Table 

- 13.4 High in the Trees 

- 13.6 The Cavern Bar ~ Behind Section of Bar 

- 13.7 The Haunted Cellar ~ Behind Heavy Crate 

- 14.5 Plato Memorial Clock Tower 

- 14.5 Plato Memorial Clock Tower ~ Behind Stone Block 

- 16.5 The Old Curiosity Shop ~ Behind Straw Roofing 

- 16.8 Shop Interior 

- 16.8 Shop Interior ~ Behind Section of Till 

- 16.8 Shop Interior ~ Behind Frog 

- 17.4 The Haunted Man 

- 18.4 The Blacksmith ~ Behind Leaves 

- 18.5 The Heart of Dickens Wood 

- 19.3 Tops of the Trees 

- 19.5 A Cool Spring 

- 20.2 Vantage Point 

- 20.3 Top of the Cliff ~ Put the fire out 

- 21.1 Edge of the Waterfall 

- 21.3 Verdant Falls 

- 22.2 The Rainbow Fish ~ Behind Patch of Flowers 

- 22.3 Lonely Goldfish 

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