"Dizzy and a Half"
by Ordvana



Dizzy has become somewhat disenchanted with his kidnapping-prone spouse Daisy and increasingly keen on spending more time with admiring Dora. 
However, he isn't quite willing to lay waste to the times he and Daisy went through together, either. 


A rather tricky (and somewhat pretentious - in trying to deal with player's choices) short Dizzy game with a few novelty approaches intended to give a certain twist to the way Dizzy games often happen to be played (especially the notorious if-stuck-try-everything-on-everything-until-something-works way). And with some Dantean namedropping thrown in. 
The said novelties the game introduces are: 
1. Any item can be used at any point in the game, resulting in progress of some sort. Or death. The overall result depends on *when* certain items are used, in what order, and what the status of other items/characters is (e.g. whether you have a certain item on you, or used it, or did something else).
The game has multiple endings because of that - most are short, but there are three distinct ending screens for notable outcomes. 
2. In addition to using physical items from his inventory, Dizzy is given the ability to carry out itemless actions: your inventory would always include such non-droppable items as 'Punch', 'Laugh', 'Growl', 'Wink', etc. (However, as much as these could make up for a whole game, I only used the latter in mine.) 
3. Did I mention it was rather tricky? 

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Dizzy and a Half v1.0
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