"Daisy goes Shopping"
by Steve Rennie (Grandad)



Daisy goes shopping on behalf of Dora and Dylan and ends up travelling the universe through stargates to find seven rings to make a crystal pendant to break the petrifying spell Zaks has used on the Yolkfolk. 


This is the 4th DizzyAGE game that stars Daisy. 

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Daisy goes shopping v1.1
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Rough solution

Real Earth:

Before spellget coins, scythe from ledge, crystal and book from daisy’s hut. To bridge, to ruins, dump scythe outside, dump crystal
& book inside. Talk theo. Over bridge, read note, talk grinder, talk butcher and get sausages, talk ‘fred’, talk chemist, talk fruit n veg man. Use sausages on fluffle (spell happens).

To theo’s, read note, use lift, get key from bedroom, open lab, read both books (need co-ordinates to get back to earth), get pickaxe. Also, get all stuff from trees (grand dizzy- walking stick, dora-onion, frying pan, dizzy-hat, dylan-herb book, denzil-chocolate, marbles. Plus check computer game in dozys for ‘clues’. Take scythe, hat, frying pan to shops. 

Give hat then scythe to grinder to sharpen. Frying pan on tree to get fluffle, give to fred, get 2 coins, give 3 coins to chemist, get gloves. To ruins. Use pickaxe on pillar, in and press ‘stargate’, drop. Take all items down and dump. Right, solve blocks before ceiling drops – 4-3-1-2-5. Go left, note (SG-57), use crystal, get gloves, use rings.

Use switch, to move ‘lightning’, get lever and use to open door. In and along. Use gloves for red diamond. Jump to press flower at l/h edge of first spider to open secret room. In and drop red diamond, pull lever. Out and along. In room with 3 buttons, press a-b-c, then press b again for blue diamond. At third spider, open door and enter, note (SG81), pull lever to raise ledge. 

Out, right and into maze. Left and take last available black, left and take last available black, left and use either dotted door, left and use dotted door by lightning, press lever, back, press lever. Right to last available black, right to double black, in, left and get key, out, take dotted, go left to end, press lever, in, get key, press lever, into ‘spider’ room, pull lever and drop blue diamond. Quickest is out by secret door, left past spiders, right and jump up to spider ledge, use keys on chests and get lead chest. Back to ‘spider’ room, get diamonds, out, go right (carefully), then back to gold beam and left. Use diamonds. 

Lever, along, button, down, button up. Lever, down along up,left, press and get gold ring. Out, down, up, right (automatically use ring and chest) along and use rings back. Dump ring.


Alternate earth:

Need spinach and bolt cutters talk annie, annie to krell – use same coloured doors and press for correct colour. Use rings, talk daisy, back, 

daisy drop bolt cutters, annie get cutters, to krell, talk daisy – real daisy, to krell, then outward from there 


57 – Real Rubat:

Ignore till eaten carrot on ‘real’ bega 2nd left ivy, left to cave, up to SG15, back to cave jump right twice, up, left, jump, to cave. Down, along up, get wire cutters, down, left up to cave, down, along up, cave. Pass rocks by moving past when rock at very bottom. Jump over ‘thing’ get ring. 

Back same way to avoid other things. 


57 – alternate rubat:

Ignore just get killed when enter cave 


81 – real bega:

Need onion. up ivy, drop onion, left, talk jonas (SG26), get fuse, into museum, left, use rings. Go left, hiding behind pillars till guards turn.

Press first sigil (SG34), ignore 2nd sigil (kills), guard goes into room. Ignore, but must come back again (guard gone) and get magic marker from chest. Use stargate to 26.


81 - alternate bega:

Need celeste and herb book, marbles, walking stick + hammer from alternate 34, magic marker from spaceship, wire cutters from real 57.

talk museum guard. Talk gift shop (talk groom), give herb book, up to roof, get egg and give, hammer to tool, get chisel, walking stick to garden man, get rake, get spinach, chisel in ruins, get paint, out, get gold, gold to gold man, coin to pieman, get cherry pie, pie to girl, get catapult.

Catapult + marbles, get hat, give rake and hat to groom, get ticket, into museum, give ticket.

Get skull and key, paint to lady, get magnifying glass to see music (clue to moving blocks on 34), magic marker on ankh, celeste book on tablet (turn crystal). Take wire cutters with you. Train, first, get cog and box, 2nd, get funnel, (both levers back to start to dump cog, funnel) retrace, at third get rail hook, use lever, use crate and get oil. Back, use both levers, back, use oil.

To last. Jump over first gap, walk right, jump right, walk right, walk left, get ring, drop left , left to door, up and back.


26 – real trantor:

Need fuse, talk to man, use door, use fuse. e-w, n-s, n-s, e-w, ne-sw, in and touch mirror, talk jonas (SG92). Back. Whilst in this dimension, should go to alternate 34, get hammer, alternate 92, get remote.


15 real juno (no alternate):

Need rail hook, cog, wire cutters use hook and cog on machinery. Down to 4 and pull lever, up, use lift, pull lever and open door. Up and check 3 for SG68. 

Into door, use beam lift, left use cutters, get bolt cutters, right. Press door three times, in, in get key, out. Press door, right use key, in along and press button to get out. Back to lift, close door, up and back through area to get ring on back of door.


34 real ista:

crystal key and skull if know combination, then don’t need skull, just the crystal key. Rings to ‘combination’.

To get answer, turn crystal and use skull on beam, back and turn crystal, use rings and combination to next part (clue from music on bega).

bottom – walk over 4, jump back.

top – walk 2, jump 3, walk 1, jump back

bottom – jump 5, walk 1, jump back

top – jump 6, walk 1 get key, jump back

bottom – jump 6 walk 3 use door

lower – jump 2, walk 1, use key, get ring 


34 – alternate ista:

Just get hammer


68 ursa:

Alternate just has shut door.

talk man, into room. 118 – 117 (coin 1), 117 – 113, 92, 95 (coin 2), 95 – 86, 86 – 81, 81 – 82 (jump right, but cannot see ) 82 – 85, 85 – 42, 42 – 33.

Jump to 32 from r/h edge. 32 – 28, jump from l/h edge to 27. 27 – 26, 26 – 02, 02 – 01, get key.

Jump left to 68, get coin 3. Walk right to 67, 67 – 69, walk right to 73, jump from left to 71, walk right get coin 4. Back to key.

01 – 05, get coin 5, 05-11, walk onto lower blocks (inc one can’t see on next screen). 11-15, walk right to 58. 58 – 45, 45 – 51, 51 – 25, jump right to 53 (coin 6). Walk left (98), 98 – 100, into room, use key, get coin 7, out and walk onto butterfly (changes to coin 8), drop and get. Back to key, along to 15, walk right to 58, 58 – 45, 45 – 48, walk right to 52 (coin 9). 

Walk right to 109. Jump right from the left hand edge of 109 onto 112, get coin 10. Out and get key.


92 fargo:

need chocolate, scythe, remote, funnel (alternate Fargo, just ignore) use scythe on bush, back and get coin from bridge. Left, read paper on bench, To end, read charlene notice, to war heroes, talk charlene, check urns, to council, read note, in and talk guard, first right, next right, next left, next left, enter next right and pull switch, out (back to foyer), second right, next right, next right, enter next left and read bookcases. Out to foyer, talk man (spouses), second left, get red ink. Out, talk fran, talk boy in park, knock on 23, get urn and replace.

Talk barbara in hospital, get roses from brenda, to room 3, in talk and get key. To movies, talk clyde, to brendas, talk, to 25, talk and give chocolate bar. Give herbs to clyde, get key and in. (drop remote by 2).

Set 1 – get key from behind train wheel, get spade from behind load. Set 3 – get key and blue ink, set 4, use spade, get key. Set 2, use remote, use key, get urn. Out and replace urn – citadel open. 

In and up, use funnel, blue and red ink. Jump up and along as most of the steps are clouds. Jump right when moving block approaching middle. Jump right when block disappears. Jump right (from further left up the steps). Hard to jump left from cloud block, so jump up and left (press when jumping) and jump left again (next block is cloud also). Save. Jump from ‘gap’ between blocks when top block appears, be quick as you have ten seconds before the next block vanishes.

Jump from middle (or slighly left) when top block appears to last room. Move blocks to position in sets (1st x 3, 3rd x 2, 4th x 1).

Press button, action urn ....watch cut scene.

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