"Hide and Seek Dizzy"
by Andy Mason (macon)



It's been a while since the evil Wizard Zaks has bothered the Yolkfolk and they are getting bored.

So they decide to have a game of Hide and Seek.
The aim of the game is to find where the Yolkfolk are hiding. Pretty straightforward eh? Of course its not!
The Yolkfolk are a clever bunch and have hid themselves behind a large web of puzzles. It is up to Dizzy to solve them in order to find the Yolkfolk.
Just hope that Dozy can stay awake long enough!  


You play as Dizzy and the idea is to find where the rest of the yolkfolk are hidden solving problems on the way. After Dizzy has found them all direct him back to the start to end the game.  
Scattered throughout the game are collectable stars, 62 in total. It is not necessary to collect all these to win the game. If the player wants the greatest challenge though then they should try and collect them all.
This game was also an entry in the 2010 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 5th place.

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Hide and Seek Dizzy v1.02
13.03Mb downloaded 15818 times

This game was voted 6 times, scoring 4.0 out of 5.


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