"Winter Nightmare Dizzy"
by Jamie Douglas (delta)



It's Christmas Eve and Dizzy is tired from decorating the village, so he settles down for a quick nap on his bed, and quickly falls into a deep sleep! He starts to dream that he's lost all the Christmas presents he's bought for the other Yolkfolk, and can't wake up until he's found them!
Join Dizzy to help him negotiate his snowy winter nightmare, find all the presents, and wake himself up before he misses Christmas Day altogether. 


This game is similar to Winter World Dizzy but re-uses the map from Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk. 

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Winter Nightmare Dizzy v1.0
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Game map



(from www.dizzystories.co.uk):


• Use the Torch on the Vampire Bat - Get the Pickaxe. Use the Pickaxe to exit the cave 

• Use the Crate on the Hole in the Ice - Get the Bucket from the other side 

• Use the Bucket on the Hot Spring in the cave - Get a Bucket of Hot Water 

• Use the Bucket of Hot Water on the X-Ray Machine Switch 

• Use Presents on the X-Ray Machine to identify them

• Give the Fluffle Nip Present to Pogie - Get an Inflatable Dinghy 

• Give the Inflatable Dinghy to the Ferryman 

• Give the Prayer Book to St. Peter - Get the Gold Ring Present 

• Give the Hairbrush to the Lion - get the Hearing Aid Present 

• Give the Snow Shovel to the King - get the Cookbook Present 

• Give the Cookbook Present to Dora 

• Give the Holly Bush Present to Dylan 

• Give the Hearing Aid Present to Grand Dizzy 

• Use the 3 in 1 Oil to lower the drawbridge 

• Give the Gold Ring Present to Daisy 

• Give the Tiara to the Princess - Get the Pillow Present 

• Give the Pillow Present to Dozy 

• Give 25 ice cubes to the Jester - get the Door Key

• Use the Door Key on the Door - Get the Headphones Present 

• Give the Headphones present to Denzil - Get the Megaphone 

• Use the Megaphone on Dizzy.

Ice cube locations

(from www.dizzystories.co.uk):


Room Name ~ How to get it

- 2.1 Castle Drawbridge

- 3.0 Castle Ramparts ~ Behind railing

- 3.1 Inside the Castle ~ Behind column

- 4.0 Castle Ramparts

- 4.1 Stairs and Landing ~ Behind Sword Handle

- 5.1 Rear Entrance ~ Behind Chains

- 6.1 A Few Trees ~ Behind Torch

- 7.1 The X-Ray Machine 

- 8.1 Top of the Hill 

- 8.1 Top of the Hill ~ Behind leaves 

- 10.1 Fluffy Cloud 

- 10.2 Hole in the Ice 

- 11.0 Awfully High Cloud 

- 11.2 Bank of the River Behind dock ~ (1st from right) 

- 12.1 Enchanted Treetops ~ Behind railing 

- 12.2 The Enchanted Forest ~ Behind leaves 

- 13.2 A Perilous Jump 

- 14.2 Tower Drawbridge 

- 15.1 First Landing ~ Behind railing 

- 17.1 Inner Sanctum 

- Additionally, there are 5 Ice Cubes to be gained from the Yolkfolk.

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