"Feverbound Dizzy"
by Matt Lee (Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk)



It's Grand Dizzy's Birthday.
But not just any birthday, he's reached a grand milestone and the Yolkfolk clan were having a party bash to celebrate.
Along with lots of grub & drinks they had decided to give him as a surprise an extra special treat, Dora & Daisy prepared old Grand Mother Dizzys special soup recipe that she used to make Grand Dizzy all those years ago.
They were all there to tuck in except Dizzy & Danny. 
Dizzy had been taking his time replying back to Danny who had to turn down the invitation as he could'nt make it.
However, he was returning from the postbox having eventually getting there outside the post office in posting the reply and was late making his way to the party.
For once as it turned out just as well.
The ever not so friendly Zaks wasn't going to let the Yolkfolk celebrate so freely & enjoy the occasion and so tampered with the soup recipe pot by poisoning it. 
Dora, but particuarly Daisy have been testing the taste of the soup, had consumed the most and along with the others all became ill & all had to be admitted to the nearest hospital.
Having been examined, they have come down with fever through Zakenella poisoning.
The severity of the fever was dependent on the amount each have eaten.
Theodore on realising what had happened prepared some medical kits which holds just the right amount of antidote to neutralise the differing levels of fever.
Theodore was waiting on the bridge Dizzy had to cross in returning from the post box with the medical kits to explain the situation.
Unfortunately, Zaks wasnt going to make it that easy and spread the medical kits all over the land. 
Dizzy must search the land to find the medical kits and take the correct one with the right level of antidote to treat each of the Yolkfolk & sort the soup pot to make it safe for consuming again. 


This game was also an entry in the 2010 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 8th place. 

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Feverbound Dizzy v1.06
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- Obtain crowbar from the grassy bank above the hungry beast and use on orange crate box on freight train. This reveals some loot. 
- Take and give loot to ticket attendant in train station to purchase all day travel train ticket. 
- Give travel ticket to station master which allows you to ride the train for the rest of the day. 
- Obtain chisel from back of station and use on rock face to obtain a climbing grip. 
- Obtain rope and with the climbing grip use collectively to enable to summit the 'causeway climb'. 
- Take weather vein to boat/sailor man and get hospital visiting order. 
- Give visiting order to receptionist in the hospital. 
- Obtain heavy crate. Go to the back of the train station building and use the bolt remover to pull up up the grate. 
- Place the heavy crate on the mechanism pad to raise the column with the 'eye of the beholder' on it. 
- Obtain 'enticing juice' and use to entice pogie down from the tree. You can't pick him until Dora is cured as he senses something isn't right until then. 
- Take the 'eye' and put on the palm of the visionary budda which will move aside. 
- Obtain control key.
- Obtain barrel from lighted cavern. Position under the lowest hanging chain to enable climb out of the deep shaft. 
- Use control key to gain access to First Floor of hospital. 
- Speak to Danny on phone
- Gain a coin that drops out. 
- Go to store room and descend steps to obtain the woodaxe. 
- Speak with troll when trying to walk past, run his errand first by visiting the post office then posting the note to the post box. Take the counterfoil back to the troll, he will let you pass.
- Speak to Grand Dizzy. 
- Use the axe to chop through the wooden base at foot of shaft. Enter the water using the aqualung found in the village tree area. 
- Obtain Medical Kit (low dosage) and give to Grand Dizzy to cure his fever. He returns to his lodge awaiting you bringing him a refreshment. 
- Obtain & give the bottle of milk as refreshemnt to Grand Dizzy. He gives you a jar (of atom particles).
- Take and empty over the discharge pipe from the hospital. The reaction with the vapour forms a cloud.   
- Jump to the cloud and subsequent clouds making way to the roof of the hospital.
- Obtain the flippers. 
- Using aqualung, flippers and obtaining the heavy duty hammer make way to where the boulder is balancing.
- Bash the ground using the hammer a few times and the boulder falls into the pit enabling dizzy to cross. 
- Navigate dizzy to the basement entrance flipping the switch which opens up the route to the basement itself. 
- Use the can of oil on the gold shutter gate which then can be raised.
- Flip the next switch which opens up the trap door on the 'hook, line & sinker' screen. 
- Drop down into & make way to obtain the Medical Kit (strong dosage) from the piped water source.
- Pick up the chain links, and while standing under where the hook was hanging on the above screen, action to throw them up to catch on the hook.
- Climb the hook line of chains back out, obtain the key (for the library) and give the medical kit to Dylan. 
- Make way to the library and use the key to unlock the door. Enter and obtain from the far right large bookcase a suitable book (of nature) for Dylan.
- Take and give to Dylan back at his lodge. He gives you a bottle of spray. 
- Take the empty can of oil and fill it up again using the dual purpose magical well.
- Use the spray repellent on the ghost in the haunted corrider.
- Use the refilled can of oil to raise the next gold shutter door.
- Flip the switch to open out the climbing platforms to enable Dizzy to climb through the shaft above. 
- Climb all the way up. Use the pickaxe on the stones to clear a path back to the store room door. Action to lower the ladder opening up quick path back now to those areas.
- Obtain Medical Kit (mild dosage) & pillow from hosptial generator (concealed room at right of where pickaxe was found).
- Take and give med kit to Dozy then take his pillow back to him after he's returned to his hammock by his lodge. He gets down to some shut eye on his hammock and leaves you a rag he had previously used to clean it. 
- Take the rag to the hanging chains and wipe the yellow chain so Dizzy can now grip it to climb. 
- Obtain empty jug, take to the 'angel of blood' who from the ancient spirits fills the jug with blood.
- Empty the blood from the jug to the morgue mechanism and turn the handle to open the morgue door. 
- From the top left skeletal remains in the morgue throw out a bone.
- Speak to the beautifual young lady who gives you her unfeeding cat. Take the cat to the 'angel of healing' who from the ancient spirits cures the cat.
- Take back to the lady who leaves you a jack handle item washed up on the beach. 
- Use this to prise open the chest in the breathable cavern. You find Medical Kit (critical dosage) for Daisy. 
- Obtain the lift me up pill and use to lift the shutter guarding the entrance to the hollow tree.
- Obtain Medical Kit (medium dosage) and take to Denzil.
- Back to the morgue and climb the ladder above the skeletal floor.
- Make way from the East Cavern climbing up to the first floor tunnel obtaining the key. 
- Drop down from the tunnel exit into the first floor lift area and use the key to action the lift to the second floor.
- Ride to the second floor. 
- Obtain the radio and speak to Dora.
- Take radio to Denzil. Denzil gives you a spanner in return. 
- Use the spanner to open the hatch to gain access to under the lower river yolky bridge.
- Obtain the amulet & Obtain the Medical Kit (extreme dosage) and give to Dora. 
- You can now pick up and return Pogie to Dora back at her lodge. She gives you some metal cutters. 
- Use the metal cutters to snip through the gold chain links and obtain the emergency key. 
- Speak to pharmacist. 

- Obtain the Zakenella capsule from the medicine supplies rack by standing on the left edge of the orange/brown box. 
- Give Zakenella Capsule to Pharmacist, he prepares some Zakenella Solution in a Flask. 
- Use ermergency key to unlock the hatch by zaks. 
- Obtain all coins and give to Pharmacist to obtain the sloution in the Flask. 
- Poor solution from the flask into the soup bowl to kill the poison. 
- Obtain Amulet and coat it in the solution residue in the soup bowl using the spoon. 
- Use the solution coated amulet to kill the Zakenella death balls. 
- Give Medical Kit (critcal dosage) to Theodore who admisters it through the apparatus to Daisy. 
- Speak to cured Daisy & then obtain operating card and place to cable transporter mechanism. 
- Travel the cable transporter. 
- Obtain spade and use on low lying beach to dig through the sand. 
- Obtain the cutting implement and use to obtain the yellow ribbon for Daisy's party Dress. 
- Take to Daisy to complete the game and watch Dizzy round all the Yolkfolk up to have the birthday party for Grand Dizzy afterall. 
Well Done! 

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