"Spellbound Dizzy (DizzyAGE Remake)"
by Peter Teal



Dizzy's been visiting his local friendly Wizard Theodore. 
Now Theo, who may be a dab hand in the waving of wands area, is not much cop at the filing-things-away-neatly department and has left his book of "Really Powerful Spells" lying round in his laboratory. 
What's more, the book's been left open at the page headed "A Really, Really Powerful Spell" (That shouldn't be read out loud)
Whether Dizzy actually read the heading is not known but - yikes! - he said the spell and It's caused a catastrophe: Dizzy spirited all his Yolkfolk chums and Wizard Theo into the underworld! 
There's only one course of action open to the brave little hero: read the spell again and spirit himself into the underworld to save his rotund group of pals! 


As with all the Yolkfolk remakes, this will be a faithful recreation of the original ZX Spectrum version of Spellbound Dizzy. With a few extra features thrown in for good measure. 

In January 2013, Peter Teal decided to go on hiatus from the Dizzy Community.
He left this DizzyAGE remake to any DizzyAGE programmers who were willing to finish off the remake. 
The remake was finally released on the 27th April 2014 after 6 years in development. 

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Spellbound (DizzyAGE Remake) v2.02
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This game was voted 11 times, scoring 4.8 out of 5.


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