"Dizzy in Emerald City"
by Phillip L. Ward (Meph)



One night during a storm, Grand dizzy tells the Yolkfolk about the legend of the Emerald which contains mystic powers.
It was banished from the land to prevent anyone from gathering It's powers. 
Few days later one morning, a bored Dizzy decided to find out if the myth is true and take the Emerald. 
No one quite knows what the Emerald's powers really are, good or evil, some say it has the ability to imitate life and gives birth to new life, while others claim its destructive and dangerous! 
Will Dizzy suceed on his quest? 


This is Phillip's second DizzyAGE game. 

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Dizzy in Emerald City v1.1
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This game was voted 8 times, scoring 4.2 out of 5.


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