"Magic Star Dizzy"
by Jamie Douglas (delta)



Exploring the farthest reaches of Zaks' once mighty empire, the Yolkfolk discover an enclave ruled by the Cave Troll, who they realise is still loyal to Zaks when he imprisons Daisy and summons his various allies to ensure Dizzy and the Yolkfolk never leave.
Dizzy sits down and ponders how to get away. Suddenly he remembers an old Yolkfolk legend which says that the only thing the Cave Troll fears is the fabled Magic Star, which was broken up and scattered throughout the land long ago by his ally the Vampire.
Re-invigorated, Dizzy leaps to his feet, and sets about exploring the strange land....


This is Jamie's second entry in the 2008 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, but because Jamie entered 2 games and that Rail Road Dizzy had more votes, the game wasn't given a position.
This version comes with the 16-bit mode that can be accessed by pressing Escape to access the Menu and going to Options. 

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Magic Star Dizzy v1.28
1.41Mb downloaded 15818 times

This game was voted 12 times, scoring 4.5 out of 5.


Game map



Walkthrough (from www.dizzystories.co.uk):

- Use the Old Boot on the Barrel, and the Door Key on the Castle Door. 

- Take the Plant Pot, give it to Dylan and take the Scythe. Give the Harp to Dora and take the 'Stuttering Hamlet' Book. Give the Spare Wheel to Grand Dizzy. 

- Take the Tiger Mask. Use the 'Stuttering Hamlet' Book on the Grave, and use the Scythe on the thorny bush.

- Use the Tiger Mask on the Bear.

- Use the Small Pickaxe on the cave entrance, and use the Raincoat to get past the Water drops to get the Knife. Use the knife on the branch.

- Take the Log from the log pile. Take the Rolled Up Newspaper and the Bones. Use the Log on the Reservoir. Use the Newspaper on the Bees and the Bones on the Altar.

- Take the Rope and Bone Oil. 

- Use the rope on the Standing Stones, and use the branch on the flame.

- Use the standing Stone to get out, and take the Golf Club.

- Take the Thorn, and use the Golf Club on the Eagle. Take the Snorkel. Use the Thorn on the Goat.

- Take a rock, and using the snorkel, get the Truth Potion from the Reservoir.

- Use the Bone Oil on the Moat, and use the Burning Branch on the Oily Moat.

- Take the Tweezers from the bottom of the Moat, and use them on the Princess. Use the Metal Splinter on the Mechanism next to the Moat.

- Use the Snorkel and 2 rocks to get through the Secret Entrance, and take the Lightning Conductor. 

- Give the Truth Potion to the Twins, and give the Coin to Dozy. Use the Crowbar on the Trapdoor, and use the Sleeping Potion on Pogie. Use the Reinforced bag on Pogie and give him to Denzil.

- Use the Lightning Rod on the Windy Tower, and use the Hammer on the Dormant Machine. 

- Use the Egg-shaped Rock on the Reservoir Monster. 

- Use the Juicy Steak on the Vampire, and use the Book of Proverbs 4:26 on the platform in the mines.

- Collect all the Stars and use them on the Magic Star Guardian. Use the Magic star on the Cave Troll, and use the Diamond-Tipped Pickaxe on the rock trapping Daisy to finish the game.

- Congratulations! Now try to get the maximum score!

Star locations

Star Positions (from www.dizzystories.co.uk):

Room Name ~ How to get it 

- 1.4 Cave Stream 

- 2.2 Standing Stones 

- 2.3 Vampires Lair ~ Behind plant 

- 3.2 Hidden Entrance 

- 3.3 Spelunking 

- 4.2 Clouds 

- 4.3 Bridge Over the Stream ~ Behind railing 

- 6.3 West Chamber 

- 6.4 Escape Route 

- 7.1 Windy Tower 

- 7.2 Castle Landing 

- 8.5 Under the Castle ~ Behind leaf 

- 9.2 High Clouds 

- 9.3 Castle Moat 

- 9.5 Secret Entrance 

- 10.2 Tree Tops 

- 11.2 High in the Trees ~ Behind railing 

- 11.3 The Magic Star Guardian ~ Behind leaves 

- 12.3 The Forest Clearing 

- 13.2 An Exposed Ledge ~ Behind railing 

- 13.3 Edge of the Forest ~ Behind bark 

- 14.3 The Princess 

- 15.4 Bottom of the Reservoir ~ Behind plant 

- 16.3 The Other Side 

- 16.4 The Deep Deep Hole 

- 18.3 Sacrificial Altar Behind grass 

- 19.3 The Billy Goat Guard 

- 19.4 Blockage 

- 19.5 Deep in the Mine 

- 20.3 Danger – Cave In! 

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