"Rail Road Dizzy"
by Jamie Douglas (delta)



Dizzy is back in his most original fan adventure to date!
This time Dizzy is in trouble. BIG trouble. It's Daisy's Birthday, and he's forgotten all about it! He decides to go to the old abandoned mine to see if he can find some gems to give her.
BUT disaster occurs when he's crossing Iron Horse Canyon, as CRASH!
the bridge gives way beneath him! Our intrepid hero manages to leap to the other side just in time to see the timbers crash into the murky waters below. Now Dizzy has an extra problem. How to get back across the canyon to give Daisy her birthday present!
Join Dizzy to eggsplore the mines, dodge monsters, help the Yolkfolk, and get Daisy her birthday present before she fries him! 


This is the first DizzyAGE game to show a timer during gameplay.
This game was also an entry in the 2008 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 2nd place. 

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Rail Road Dizzy v1.2
1.2Mb downloaded 15819 times

This game was voted 5 times, scoring 4.6 out of 5.


Game map



Walkthrough (from www.dizzystories.co.uk):

- Take the Spanner and the Ghost Trap, and use the Spanner on the Mine Truck. Drop the Ghost Trap and Truck Brakes near the Trap Door Mechanism, and use the truck to get across the Pool of Death.

- Drop the Talisman above ground, and use the Large Key on the Engine Shed Door.

- Take the Bottle of Milk and the Axe. Drop the Bottle of Milk near the Trap Door, and use the Axe on the Wooden Floor in the mine.

- Take the Parasol and Axe, and give the Parasol to Dozy. Take the Handle, and use the Axe on the pile of Logs. Take the bucket, and drop it near to the trap door. Then use the Handle on the Mechanism to open the Trap Door.

- Take the Bottle of Milk and the Ghost Trap, and drop through the trap door.

- Drop the Ghost Trap, and give the Bottle of Milk to Denzil.

- Take the Oil and the Metal Grille, and use the oil on the seized up Mine Truck.

- Drop the Metal Grille at the end of the ride, pick up the whistle, and drop it next to the ghost trap. Take the Ghost Trap and the Lightsabre, and Drop the Lightsabre above 'The Dark Side' room.

- Use the Metal Grille to cover the flame near the ghost. Take the Photon Pack, and Drop the Ghost Trap under the path of the Ghost. Now use the Photon Pack when the Ghost is above the Trap. Don't get too close or too far away.

- Drop the Photon Pack and take the Full Trap. Take the Hard Hat and give it to Dylan. Take the Pickaxe, and drop the Ghost Trap near The Dark Side.

- Smash the Coal Heaps with the Pickaxe, and take 'The Force' and the dynamite. Drop the dynamite near the Photon Pack, and use the Lightsabre on The Dark Side when you have 'The Force'

- Use the Ghost Trap on the Ghost Containment Unit, and take the Photon Pack and use it and the Ghost Trap on the second ghost in the same way. 

- Take the Detonator and the Dynamite, and drop the dynamite on the low ground where the second ghost was. Drop the Detonator to the left of the sign, and use it. Take the Stick and the Full Trap, empty the trap in the containment unit, and drop it above 'The Dark Side' room. 

- Take the Spare Rail, and use it on the Broken Rail. Use the Stick on the Conker Tree, and take the crowbar. 

- Take the Whistle, and use the 20 lumps of coal you've collected on the Engine. Use the whistle and follow the train to the trap door. 

- Use the crowbar on the switch, and jump on the empty truck and use the Whistle. 

- Take the Cloud Seeding Book and the Salt Shaker. Use the Cloud Seeding Book near the Engine, then use the salt shaker High Up In The Atmosphere. Take the DIY Bridge Kit and the Magic Wand, and use the Bridge Kit to fix the Bridge.

- Give the Wand to Theo, and take the Jam (Jar). Take the Bucket, drop it underwater, then take it again. use The Jam on the cover for the caves.

- Use the Bucket on the flames, and take the Duct Tape. Drop the Duct Tape in the Mines, and fill the Bucket again. Take the Talisman, and drop the bucket near the Oak Tree. 

- Take the Mirror, and drop it above ground. Take the Umbrella, and drop the Talisman in front of the Monster. Take the Aqualung, and go along the route to the mines. Drop the Umbrella and take the Flyspray. Drop the Flyspray above ground, and take the Truck Brakes. 

- Drop the Truck Brakes and Aqualung where you found the Hard Hat, and go back and get the Ghost Trap and Duct Tape. Drop the Duct Tape near the Truck Brakes, and take the Photon Pack. Drop the Photon Pack near the Truck Brakes, take the Aqualung and head through the underwater tunnels. 

- Drop the Ghost Trap under the Ghost, and go back for the Photon Pack. Use the Photon Pack to get rid of the Ghost, and go back and get the Truck Brakes. 

- Use the Truck Brakes on the Mine Truck at the top of the ride, and go back and get the Duct Tape. 

- Ride the Mine Ride, and move quickly through the gas pockets to get the Bag. 

- Take the Scroll, and give the Duct Tape to Grand Dizzy. Take the Gravel, and use it near the Sharp Spikes. 

- Go back and take the Egg Basket. Talk to Dylan and get the Rare Plant Seed. Drop the Seed and the Egg Basket above ground, and use the mine ride to go back and get the Sun Tan Lotion and the Duster. 

- Use the Mine Ride again and give the Sun Tan Lotion to the cave dweller. Take the Mining Book and go to the Flyspray near the Mine entrance.

- Drop the Duster and take the Flyspray. Give the Mining Book to the Miner, and take the Torch. 

- Give the Scroll to Theo, and take the spell. 

- Go back above ground, drop the Torch and Aqualung near the entrance to the caves, and take the Bucket of Water and Seed. 

- Use the Flyspray on the Flies near the manure, and use the seed on the manure. Use the Bucket of water on the manure, and the Sun Spell near the manure. Take the Rare Plant and give it to Dylan. Take the Cheese and get the Aqualung and Torch. 

- Go to the cave near the Mine Ride Halts, and search around in the background for a Key. Take the Key and use the Mine Ride. 

- Give the Cheese to the hungry Rat, and take the Apple. Use the Key on the dark door where you got the Sun Tan Lotion from, and enter the passage. 

- While you have the torch, the passage is light. exit using the door at the top, and drop the Aqualung. Re-enter the passage and take the Skull. Exit the passage and drop the Torch and Key. 

- Take the Baby Bottle and drop the Skull in front of the Yolkfolk Tomb Gravestone. Take the Mirror and Egg Basket, and use the Baby Bottle on the Baby Yolk Grave, the Mirror on Cousin Dwaynes Grave, and the Egg Basket on Aunt Doris' Grave. 

- Give the Apple to Dora, and take the Pipes. 

- Find Pogie, and try to pick him up. Find him again, and use the pipes on him. 

- Give 40 Gems to the Jeweller near the start position, and take the Ring. 

- Go talk to Daisy, and use the pipes near her to call Pogie. Give the Ring to Daisy and you'll have completed the game. 

- Congratulations! Now play again (and again, and again, etc.) and try to get the maximum possible Score. You'll be told at the ending if you've managed to. :)

Coal and Gem locations

Coal & Gem Positions (from www.dizzystories.co.uk):

Room Name ~ How to get it


- 0.9 Into The Mine

- 1.7 Trucks

- 1.11 Burning Flames

- 2.9 Mine Junction 1C ~ Behind rails

- 2.13 Bubble Bubble

- 3.6 More Clouds

- 3.11 Mine Junction 1F ~ Behind torch

- 3.11 Mine Junction 1F ~ Behind rails

- 5.8 Sink Hole ~ Behind lattice

- 5.9 Long Passageway

- 6.8 Exit From The Mine

- 6.10 Mine Junction 2E

- 8.6 Dozy’s Sunkissed Hill ~ Use Stick on Tree

- 8.8 Slag Heap

- 8.9 Coal Seam

- 8.11 Mine Junction 2D 

- 9.7 More Tunnel… 

- 10.9 How Far Can You Go?

- 11.6 Edge of The Hill

- 13.7 Broken Bridge



- 1.8 Buffers ~ Use Duster

- 1.9 End of The Mine Shaft?

- 2.7 The Engine Shed ~ Behind roof tile

- 2.12 Flooded Mine Shaft ~ Behind Jar

- 3.11 Mine Junction 1F ~ Behind Wheel

- 3.14 Bottom of The Mine ~ Behind Mechanism

- 4.7 Edge of The Cave-In

- 4.12 Another Mine Truck ~ Use Duster

- 5.11 Two Tunnels End ~ Use Duster

- 6.7 Tunnel Entrance ~ Behind turrets

- 6.8 Exit From The Mine ~ Use Duster

- 6.10 Mine Junction 2E ~ Use Duster

- 6.11 Hidden Storage Shaft ~ Behind Support Beam

- 7.12 More Water ~ Behind logs

- 8.8 Slag Heap

- 8.11 Mine Junction 2D ~ Use Duster

- 9.13 Watery Passage

- 10.10 Devils Elbow ~ Use Duster

- 11.12 Mine Junction 3B ~ Use Duster

- 12.9 Under The River ~ Use Duster

- 12.10 Forgotten Track

- 14.10 Cave Monster ~ Use Spade on Sparkle

- 15.7 Yolkfolk Graveyard ~ Behind leaves

- 15.8 Yolkfolk Tomb

- 15.11 Wheeeeeeeeee ~ Behind weather vane

- 16.8 4 Way Tunnel ~ Use Spade on Sparkle

- 16.11 The Pit Use ~ Spade on Sparkle

- 18.9 Denzils Cave Hut ~ Use Spade on Sparkle

- 18.10 Out of Control! ~ Use Duster

- 19.9 Another Cave ~ Use Spade on Sparkle

- 20.4 Dizzy and Daisys ~ Hut Behind railing 

- 20.7 Twinkle Twinkle ~ Use Spade on Sparkle 

- 20.10 Isolated Cave ~ Use Spade on Sparkle 

- 21.5 In The Treehouse ~ Behind railing 

- 21.7 Deadly Spikes 

- 21.12 Lower Cavern ~ Use Spade on Sparkle 

- 22.8 Fresh Air ~ Use Spade on Sparkle 

- 22.11 More Climbing 

- 23.8 Dozys Cave Hut ~ Behind window 

- 24.10 Edge of The Cave? ~ Use Spade on Sparkle

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