"Illusion Island Dizzy"
by Jamie Douglas (delta)



Dizzy and the Yolkfolk have decided they need a holiday, and set sail in a boat, bound for Illusion Island. Halfway there however, their small boat is boarded by pirates! Dizzy and the Yolkfolk are taken prisoner, and poor Dizzy is made to walk the plank!
Dizzy manages to swim the remaining distance to Illusion Island, and once there, realises that the pirates have stranded the rest of the Yolkfolk there too!
Dizzy soon notices that there's something not quite right about Illusion island, and even worse, Daisy has gone off to explore the island, and is now missing! 
Join Dizzy to find Daisy, dodge the wildlife, and get the Yolkfolk off the strange island before the locals fry them! 


This is the first DizzyAGE game where you can actually use gold coins to buy things.
During the game, there is a hidden arcade area that can be used to win more gold coins. 
This game was also an entry in the 2009 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 2nd place. 

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Illusion Island Dizzy v1.15
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This game was voted 10 times, scoring 5.0 out of 5.


Game map



(from www.dizzystories.co.uk):

- Use the Rope Bridge Kit above the chasm

- Use the Spanner on the lift switch

- Use Smoke Spray on the Bees

- Use the Long Stick on the Beehive

- Give the Honey Stick to the Bear

- Use Blue Pogie on the Goat

- Give the Cuckoo to the Mad Scientist

- Use the Cockerel on the church door

- Use the woodaxe on the church chairs

- Use the Length of Wood over the spikes in the tunnel

- Use the Prayer Book on the Church Altar

- Give the Cane to 'Grey' Grand Dizzy

- Use the indigestion Tablet on the upper Dragon

- Give the Pipes to the Priest

- Give the Plantkiller to 'Grey' Dylan

- Use the Mine truck part on the tracks

- Use the PickAxe to get past tunnel boulder

- Use the PickAxe to get past tunnel boulder

- Use the Mine truck part on the tracks

- Use the Bolt Cutters on the castle entrance

- Use the Welding Kit on the Mine Truck

- Use the Angle Grinder on the Castle Dungeons entrance

- Give the 'Understand Gravity' Book to the 'Grey' Witch

- Give the Banana to the'Grey' Witch

- Use the Empty Bucket in water

- Give the Gallows to the Jester

- Use the Angle Grinder on the Crypt Tunnel entrance

- Use the Lid on the Genie

- Use the Marotte on Yorick’s Grave

- Use the Bucket of water on the Fire in the caves

- Use the Bucket of Water on the lower Dragon

- Use the Empty Bottle on the Barrel of Rum in the right of the cellar

- Use the Grease Gun to un-seize the mine truck

- Use the Bottle of Rum on the Pirate Guard

- Use the Magnet on the collapsed rail

- Give Empty Spell Bottle to 'Grey' Witch

- Use the Plug on the lead for the games machine

- Use the games CD on the games machine

- Use the Gas Mask in the Crypt

- Give the Classical Music CD to 'Grey' Denzil

- Use Yorick’s Skull on the Gravediggers Tomb

- Use the Spare Rail on the hole in the rails

- Use the Door Key on the Castle Door

- Use the Spade to dig under the Grave

- Use the Oil on the Lift Switch

- Give the Pizza to 'Grey' Dora

- Give the Gold Statue to the Smuggler

- Give the Stone Block to the 'White' Witch

- Use the Rope to tie across the chasm 

- Use the Strength Potion to pull the rope up in the dungeons

- Use the Step Ladder to climb over the castle turret

- Use the Diamond Pickaxe on a Boulder

- Use the Diamond Pickaxe on a Boulder

- Use the Diamond Pickaxe on the crypt tunnel Boulder

- Give the Egg to the Perfume Maker

- Give the Help Note to 'White' dylan

- Use the Power Pill on the lift switch

- Give the Essence of Egg to the 'White' Witch

- Use the Secaters on the Fluffle-Nip

- Use the Secaters on the Fluffle-Nip

- Use the Secaters on the Fluffle-Nip

- Use the Secaters on the Fluffle-Nip

- Use the Secaters on the Fluffle-Nip

- Give the Fluffle-Nip to Purple Pogie

- Give the Fluffle Nip to the 'Grey' Witch

- Give Pogie to 'White' Dora

- Use the Levitation Spell on the Castle Lift

- Use the Cat on the Rat in the Crypt

- Use the Hand Grip on the Ropes across the chasm

- Use the Rope Pulley to lift the magnet

- Give the Gem to the Smuggler

- Give the Bones to the Perfume Maker

- Use the Snorkel in water

- Give the Boots to the ‘White’ Witch

- Give the Essence of Bones to the Devil

- Give the Crows Nest to the Crow

- Give the Steak to the Lion

- Use the Petrification Cream on 'Grey' Dizzy

- Use the Heavy Weight to get down the Wind Shaft

- Give the Heavy Weight to 'Grey' Danny

- Use the Bird Whistle on the Crows Nest

- Use the Rope pull on the church rope

- Use the Crate on the Castle Tower Platform

- Use the Irish Pint Glass on the Beer Barrel

- Use the Crowbar to move the rock in smugglers cove

- Give the Worms to 'White' Denzil

- Use the Boulder to get down the Wind Shaft

- Use the Boulder to get down the Wind Shaft

- Use the Large Fish on the Shark

- Give the Sleeping Tablets to 'Grey' dozy

- Give the Batteries to 'White' Grand Dizzy

- Use the Wooden leg on the crocodile

- Give the Irish Beer to the Leprechaun

- Give the Sack of Coins to the Troll

- Use the Inflatable boat on the waters edge near the beach

- Use the Small Twigs on the Trapdoor past the troll

- Use the Matches on the Twigs on Trapdoor past the troll

- Use the Large Hammer to disable the mine truck quick release switch

- Use the Cell Door Key on the Cell Door

- Give the Novel to 'White' Dozy

- Use the Foot Pump on the Boat

- Use the Outboard Motor on the Boat

- Use the Fluffle Nip on the Boat

Coin locations

Room Name ~ How to get it

- 02.15 Sea Bank

- 03.15 Underwater Tunnel Entrance

- 04.13 Sea View

- 05.12 Low Level Clouds

- 05.13 The Blowhole Behind Grass

- 05.14 Bottom of the Blowhole

- 05.15 Further into the Tunnel ~ Behind Sea plant

- 06.15 The Ticking Crocodile

- 07.12 A Day in the Life ~ Behind Grass

- 07.13 Water Filled Cavern

- 07.14 The Precarious Boulder

- 09.10 Graves of the Unlucky ~ Under Grave

- 09.14 Dug Out Tunnels ~ Behind Wheel

- 10.13 More Caves

- 10.14 Smugglers Tunnels 

- 11.07 A Precarious Ledge 

- 11.11 Batty Cavern ~ Behind Stalagmite 

- 11.14 Smugglers Hideout ~ Behind Chimney 

- 11.15 Smugglers Store ~ Behind Half dome 

- 12.05 The Beehive 

- 12.08 Norwegian Wood ~ Behind Railing 

- 12.18 A Wooden Floor 

- 13.06 Abandoned Hut ~ Behind Railing 

- 13.08 The Long Climb Up 

- 13.10 The Drop-Down 

- 14.06 Dense Forest

- 14.07 Gaping Chasm

- 14.11 Past the Projector Room

- 14.12 A Strange Place

- 14.15 Glass Onion

- 14.19 Trapped

- 15.05 Going Further Up ~ Behind Railing

- 15.07 A Ropey Walkway ~ Behind Leaves

- 15.10 All Things Must Pass

- 15.16 A Deep Shaft

- 16.05 For the Benefit of Mr Kite!

- 16.10 Helter Skelter Behind Railing

- 16.17 Far Underground

- 17.05 Another Hut ~ Behind Leaves

- 17.13 Abandoned Cavern

- 17.19 Deep Deep Deep Underground

- 18.05 Lift to the Tree Tops ~ Behind Railing

- 18.07 Near the Forest Edge

- 18.09 Church Tomb

- 18.11 The Inner Light

- 18.14 More Watery Drips ~ Behind Stalagmite

- 19.06 Route to the Top ~ Behind Railing

- 19.08 The Smelly Hole ~ Behind Railing

- 19.10 Bridged Gap ~ Behind Railing

- 19.14 More Rail Track ~ Behind Small rocks

- 20.06 The Bell Tower

- 20.08 The Church Organs ~ Behind Organ pipes

- 20.09 The Crypt Behind Pillar

- 20.16 Bridge of the Edge of Forever

- 21.08 The Priest and the Altar ~ Behind Grass

- 21.09 Crypt Entrance ~ Behind Bricks

- 21.17 The Devils Lair

- 22.06 Hut Near the Church ~ Behind Window frame

- 22.07 Church Trees ~ Behind Railing

- 22.16 Another Drip

- 22.18 Arrrggghhh ~ Behind Railing

- 23.11 The Secret Storeroom

- 23.13 Dead End?

- 23.17 Rocky Deposit ~ Behind Small rocks

- 24.07 Natives Committee ~ Hut Behind Window frame 

- 24.10 The Shopkeeper ~ Behind Railing

- 24.16 Inaccessible Cavern 

- 25.08 Tree Edge 

- 26.09 Top of the Tower 

- 26.11 Crumbling West Side 

- 26.12 The Abandoned Castle ~ Behind Grass 

- 26.12 The Abandoned Castle 

- 26.13 Junk 

- 26.14 End of the Tunnel 

- 26.15 Dungeon Entrance ~ Behind Soggy moss 

- 27.14 Depths of the Cellar 

- 27.15 The Dungeons 

- 28.10 The Third Floor ~ Behind Window frame section 

- 28.13 The Castle Cellar ~ Behind Soggy moss 

- 28.14 Forgotten Storage ~ Behind DizzyAGE picture 

- 30.10 Hazy Clouds 

- 31.12 Tumbling Down 

- 31.13 Exposed Cliff ~ Behind Fluffy cloud 

- 31.13 Exposed Cliff ~ Behind Grass 

- 32.14 Rocky Beach ~ Behind Sea plant 

- 34.15 Into the Sea ~ Behind Leaf 

- 35.16 Hidden Corner 

- 36.14 The Lone Coin ~ Take a ride on the Whale’s Back 

- 36.15 Pirate Ship Debris 

- 36.17 Bottom of the Sea Bed 

- 38.15 Crates of Cargo 

- 38.16 Wooden Flotsam 

- 39.16 Ships Mast 

- 39.16 Ships Mast 

- 39.16 Ships Mast Behind Rigging 

- 39.17 Shipwreck Behind Porthole 

- 40.15 More Debris 

- 40.17 Pirate Ship’s Stern 

- 41.16 Sea Wall 

- 41.17 Octopus’s Garden 

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