"Fantastic Dizzy Home Alone"
by Trz's Team



The celebration of Zaks' defeat was a huge success.
Now the ring is in the good hands of Theodore the wizard.

The spring arrived, bringing with it a season of peace and quiet. Dizzy and Daisy have moved to a private cottage on the outskirts of the village.

One warm spring day, our hero's have packed to visit their Summer home.


- idea: trz
- coding: trz, dr. Titus
- title screen: DarkFalzX
- beta testing: dr. Titus, Rindex, goodboy
- english translation: Crash Nicker

Huge thanks to goodboy & iceoflame for their contribution in making of the game


- Intro, Home theme, Final (Matthew Simmonds/4Mat)
- Pirates of the Caribbean (Jarrod Radnich)
- a segment of "Fog Bound", composer Klaus Badelt
- Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black
- Pearl (c) 2003 Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP)

and several free sound collections
used on behalf of SFX



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