by Matt 'Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk' Lee



Dizzy was made to stop at the lodge on his own whilst Daisy made a retreat to another. What has Dizzy done this time ? How is he going to make it up to Daisy ? Perhaps taking her some flowers, well not just any flowers will do it this time. Dizzy is going to have to take her the most special and beautiful ones that can be found in the land. Maybe if he can find the Enchanting Garden he can pick Daisy some enchanting flowers of exceptional and extraordinary beauty.

Featuring Dizzy Junior, DizzyBelle and the Yolkfolk.

Gameplay Notes:

The map is just under 70 Rooms
Pink Spiders hurt and reduce the life bar
Purple Spiders kill and you lose a life
7 Pieces of food to replenish the life bar
4 Items are not used in the game
There are 20 Colletables (none of which are hidden)



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