"Don't Panic Dizzy"
by Simon Rice


It's Dylan's birthday, and the Yolkfolk are throwing him a party when, all of a sudden, a mysterious vortex opens up in the sky. Sucked through to the other side, our heroes wake up in a mechanical, alien world, full of neurotic robots, senile computers and a bizarre, terrifying creature lurking in the shadows.

You're a long way from home, and your friends are in danger, but DON'T PANIC DIZZY!!!


- The game has a rather long intro sequence. If you wish, you can skip it from the Main Menu. (Esc)
- There are 8 Power Cells to collect.
- The game can only be saved from a particular place on the map. You'll get access to it a few puzzles in.
- You'll find the crew's personal logs scattered round the ship. A few of them contain clues to puzzles.
- And Finally: It's minus a million points if you get sucked out of the airlock at the beginning!



Click here to download (19MB).
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You'll have to do your best until the official walkthrough is released!
And if you are really stuck, visit the community forums or email the author.


To contact the author check the readme file from the game,
or visit the community forums here.
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